thanks for looking at this ad.
We are a family building a life in the woods and who are open to the ideas of others who have lived this way or have PRODUCTS that they used to make there life easier in this situation!! What type of ideas did you come up with and what items did you find useful to you more than when you where living a city life? please this is just a open conversation for those who like being free & who enjoy a life with others who enjoy hands on living. If this is you and you are looking for a life style like this well you might have an opportunity with us on our peace of land!!
We are looking for more of a co-op life style with those who like to grow organic’s & maybe learn how to use my aquaponics system’s that we have built and keep building and want more eyes and thoughts towards it.. knowledge of developing more of a funner life style and a peaceful, positive outlook in life is what we are searching for!! This could be a good thing for you to let us know about your ideas and longevity of your plans here in SONOMA COUNTY living at its quitest lmao.
.So with that being said there are some things we would like to say first OFF!!! This isn’t a half way house where we pay for your dinners. Or that we pay for you to build your way of living. this is for you to learn how to be off the grid on your own or with your loved ones!! we will not put up with kreeps, freaks, or the ones who think that there sly and going to get in where you think u can fit in!! lol there’s no way to much experience between the both of us to listen to crap anymore!! if your giving up on life or your self don’t cause we haven’t given up on you!!

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Great people looking for solid person or persons to help & work with us on our land with us…we work in the yard and garden & feed the chickens & grab eggs normal day responsibilities so everyday is a day with all kinds of other things to do besides city living..lmao.. We are looking for a non party persons who doesn’t need to show their friends their OFF GRID HOME to be cool!!! Please Adults, elders, and cool harmonized peoples please.(cant stress that one enough).!.!.medical marijuana prescribed by a doctor is welcomed! if you don’t have a card then you will have to get one before we can even talk with you as we have learned our lessons!! A co-op for sure communal sharing & growing together is welcomed with ideas for sure are welcomed..cards are a must have & need to be kept up…. So u need to bring everything with you to live INN. U can Drive It or Bring it out here to live in your OWN OFF GRID HOUSING SITUATION!!

Our blissfulness and harmony with others who enjoy the same life style with Honesty family Dinners outings and group effort is what where about…with that said PLEASE tell us about your self in detail with Honesty please BACK GROUND CHECKS will be gone threw for the safety of everyone by our lawyer’s!! PLEASE don’t ask us HOW MUCH THE RENT is this is about trying to work together and grow food,fish,plants,herbs, & hmm what else lol. which this is really hard to do!!(4 allot of people)..well enjoy your days…we hope to talk u soon..& lets figure out what works for everyone as a group.NAMASTE.

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10 Responses to “Aquaponics farming in the Redwoods”

  1. Dirk

    Off grid and aquaponics crazy if still interested let me know.

  2. zenhunter

    Hello everyone my name is Nick I am a 35 year old single white male I’ve reached a point in my life where I no longer feel that Society has anything to offer me and I have anything to offer Society while it would be easier to just live off the street ask people for money and dumpster dive I would still have to deal with Society so I’m heading out into the wild wilderness I am planning on going out west into the mountains which is very very different from what I am used to I’m a swamp rat at heart in the Everglades South Florida I’ve done survival training for the desert for my time spent in Iraq and by trade I was in the EMS Field as a first responder combat medic while I don’t care for that field of work anymore if I needed medical help I can help myself I feel that Society is going to a point where I just no longer want anything to do with it money makes me sick and what people do to get money makes me sicker so I have a very very very small budget to start out I was hoping I could buy a used School Bus and convert it into a living quarters with a wood-burning stove the only problem that I found with that is where I want to go there are no roads with that being said and no family to really help me out financially I will be doing this all on foot I’m getting all the gear that I believe one would need to survive harsh Winters in Northern Montana mountains and I’m going to provide everyone a list of what I am bringing so you might either correct me on a piece of equipment that I won’t need and let me know on a piece of equipment I’m missing mind you I do not own any land I will be homesteading or at least trying to on property that’s it is not owned by me I am trying to do zero impact on the nature I will be living with but I will also offer my help to any off grid liver out there trading my work for education the land that I scouted is rich with animals fishing but another big concern big game predators such as black bear grizzly bear mountain lion I’m going to list my gear and why I’m taking it my first piece of equipment will be a crossbow a Centerpoint sniper 370 they are accurate up to 100 yards very lightweight very well-made easy to repair bringing bolts to fire with both large and small game tips the reason why I’m going with this and not a firearm is because the bolts and tips are reusable ammo is not also I want to remain as quiet as possible for I do not own the land that I’m living on thermal gear sleeping bag rated for below zero tent rated for below zero clothing for both winter and summer one large medium and small tarp water purification tablets eight ounce cooking pot firestick flint stick waterproof matches flare gun lots of socks three types of Footwear a k-bar knife skinning knife multi tool a hammer headed Hatchet an entrenchment tool I saw a rope which are really great at cutting and lightweight 1000 feet of paracord fishing line 10 pound test 250 pound test fishing hooks a cast net a hand-crank radio with flashlight and a fairly Advanced first aid kit last but not least bear gas if there is anything that I am leaving out nbtmiamidjs@gmail.com

  3. Gianni

    My wife and I have worked with UNLike minded people long enough. We’re looking for our forever home. info@wildhartfarm.com

  4. jenc83

    princessjenc1583@gmail.com…this is me..contact me anytime..as im so interested..xx

  5. jenc83

    where did u say this was?as in where in the world lol.xx

  6. Earth Sheltered Builder

    Understand your caution on attracting the types of people who contribute instead of use. We live in Healdsburg building off grid and are presently traveling. We will return in the Spring to continue building projects in the area. Always interested in folks like us and would like to learn more about your Aquaponics and off-grid living. How’s it going? Please review our website: CustomEarthSheltered.com If we resonate with you, tell us more about where you are and how its going. Contact BuildEarthSheltered@gmail.com

  7. Steve

    Hello I am very interested and would like to talk about this great opportunity. Please email me any time. Thank you.

  8. Morgan

    Super interested in learning and living as self sustainable as possible. That’s my ultimate goal, I have a lot of outdoor camping climbing animal general farm experience but as well as that I can bring the good vibes I’m very committed to a morning meditation, daily yoga practice as well as spending time creatively each day to expand my mind such as crochet or latch hooking, I would love to bring and extra pair of hands and a smile to the table. It would be just me and my cat most of the time tho I do have a musician boyfriend that would love to be off the grid when not on tour. Email with more info if u vibe it :) morganhull@bellsouth.net

  9. Nefi

    Hello my name is Nephi I am interest in joining a community off grid, I am building an off grid generator , that I would like to bring and combine with an HHO system that can heat houses and heat covered gardens to plant all year around, plus house rabbits and chickens, I am somewhat a maker, I am very healthy and strontium to help around, please contact me I would like to get to know the group thank you gnefi83@gmail.com

  10. Ariannah

    Dear Aquaponics farming in the redwoods,
    My name is Ariannah. For some time now I’ve been researching, contemplating, and hoping to buy land to live off-grid somewhere in the Pacific northwest. I found this off-grid site and was checking it out. Your ad was compelling. I really don’t want to go it alone so I’m looking for like-minded people. It would be great to talk to you more and see if our ideas coincide. Is there any way to connect with you other than through this comment section? I can be reached at anamcara.arts@yahoo.com
    Thank you, Ariannah