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We are a family building a life in the woods and who are open to the ideas of others who have lived this way or have PRODUCTS that they used to make there life easier in this situation!! What type of ideas did you come up with and what items did you find useful to you more than when you where living a city life? please this is just a open conversation for those who like being free & who enjoy a life with others who enjoy hands on living. If this is you and you are looking for a life style like this well you might have an opportunity with us on our peace of land!!
We are looking for more of a co-op life style with those who like to grow organic’s & maybe learn how to use my aquaponics system’s that we have built and keep building and want more eyes and thoughts towards it.. knowledge of developing more of a funner life style and a peaceful, positive outlook in life is what we are searching for!! This could be a good thing for you to let us know about your ideas and longevity of your plans here in SONOMA COUNTY living at its quitest lmao.
.So with that being said there are some things we would like to say first OFF!!! This isn’t a half way house where we pay for your dinners. Or that we pay for you to build your way of living. this is for you to learn how to be off the grid on your own or with your loved ones!! we will not put up with kreeps, freaks, or the ones who think that there sly and going to get in where you think u can fit in!! lol there’s no way to much experience between the both of us to listen to crap anymore!! if your giving up on life or your self don’t cause we haven’t given up on you!!

Great people looking for solid person or persons to help & work with us on our land with us…we work in the yard and garden & feed the chickens & grab eggs normal day responsibilities so everyday is a day with all kinds of other things to do besides city living..lmao.. We are looking for a non party persons who doesn’t need to show their friends their OFF GRID HOME to be cool!!! Please Adults, elders, and cool harmonized peoples please.(cant stress that one enough).!.!.medical marijuana prescribed by a doctor is welcomed! if you don’t have a card then you will have to get one before we can even talk with you as we have learned our lessons!! A co-op for sure communal sharing & growing together is welcomed with ideas for sure are welcomed..cards are a must have & need to be kept up…. So u need to bring everything with you to live INN. U can Drive It or Bring it out here to live in your OWN OFF GRID HOUSING SITUATION!!

Our blissfulness and harmony with others who enjoy the same life style with Honesty family Dinners outings and group effort is what where about…with that said PLEASE tell us about your self in detail with Honesty please BACK GROUND CHECKS will be gone threw for the safety of everyone by our lawyer’s!! PLEASE don’t ask us HOW MUCH THE RENT is this is about trying to work together and grow food,fish,plants,herbs, & hmm what else lol. which this is really hard to do!!(4 allot of people)..well enjoy your days…we hope to talk u soon..& lets figure out what works for everyone as a group.NAMASTE.

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