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Apple Corporation facilities are self powered -  is 94% off grid
Apple Power – megacorp goes off grid
Computer maker Apple has long been providing its own power at its HQ in Cupertino CA.

Now the company has announced it is extending the policy to its server farms and new campus in Research Triangle, North Carolina – a $55 million investment to build solar farms spanning over 100 acres of land.

The City of Claremont, North Carolina has granted Apple to build the 17.5 MW project and the current valuation of the proposed land is estimated at $1.4 million but Apple would lend back two zones worth $96,000 back to the city for greenways, recreation zones and other public projects.

This solar farm would power Apple’s data center campus in Maiden and another one a few miles away in Conover as well as its 500,000 square foot building in Apple’s campus.

Apple’s VP of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson says “Cupertino’s data centers are run off 100 percent renewable sources like solar and biogas, as is the case with 94 percent of Apple’s corporate structures.”

Greenpeace loves to cosy up to the big corporations, and it has been praising Apple’s eco-friendly efforts. But the most public face of Apple – its retail stores – show little sign of following the trend.

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