[before_listing id=317 images= youtube=null] Vegan family of 3 looking for people to help with a purchase of large plot of land to be used for farming and housing. Would like to do natural building and be off the grid. [landbuddy_listing id=317 youtube=null]

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2 Responses to “Anywhere in SE with long growing season”

  1. Jennifer

    I don’t know if you will be interested, but I have a unique property and situation. My husband and I live in Italy however we are in the states close to half the year. We have 2 older children and one little one. Only the youngest is still at home. I have a 10 acre property in West Ga that might suite your needs. My intent is to finish the project this summer. High elevation and good water hidden in the back of the property. I built a concrete block building with tin roof (1800sqft) 3 years ago and have it close to finished… well it is finished except for composting toilets, shower and finishing the solar panels. It has about 80% woods and the rest is open for planting. If you would be interested in sharing this space, it could be divided up to suite our needs. We are really never there and I would feel better having someone there to manage the place. You wouldn’t have to buy it or rent it, just place your solar or alternative energy and finish out your portion. We are vegetarian and only eat organic so the idea of having a wonderful garden would be ideal. If your interested just email me and we can discuss a solution for us both :)

  2. TJ Reann

    Found some great deals in north FL. I do not know how much land you want to farm, or how good the soil is, but there are farms there. If this is of interest, give a shout back.
    I have been looking for 3 years. I am getting close to what I am looking for.