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Anyone on here think like me?

Have a great job (18+ years), stable income, own my home (No Debt).

Looking to relocate, area not as important to me as what the area offers (lower taxes, less restrictions on how you build …..).

Time frame isn’t etched in stone.

Would love to find a like-minded female, who is looking for a similar situation. If you have the ideas running in your head, the way I do… I’d love to hear from you… Even if it’s just talking about what Ideas we have going on.

Who knows….:)

Take Care


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2 Responses to “Anyone think like me?”

  1. Alan_K


    Nice to see a response. I agree with some of your points in regards to that area. My concern is “Alabama” is actually listed as the most prone areas for tornadoes. Don’t know if I’d want to try building there only to hope I don’t loose everything to a tornado.

    Granted, all states have their own quirks, just a matter of which quirks you can live with easily.

    Area I don’t have figured out yet, so, in the meantime, been designing my build. Currently have the plans for a cute A-Frame chalet style home, roughly 640 sq ft.

    Sorry for the novel, keep in touch.


  2. ratnomore

    Yes, I think like you. My son lives in Tallahassee Fl so I figured I don’t really want to go too far north (too cold) and I don’t want to go too far west (too dry). I think maybe northern AL might be a good place to be off grid, land might be a little cheaper in AL and building codes might be a little more forgiving. Contact me if you want to talk more. go2monica @ hotmail