I’d want to go offgrid at that point in the map, anyone near me?

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16 Responses to “Anyone off-griding in canada?”

  1. Kurt Halloch

    Khalloch@live.ca looking for a group in ontario of hunterss, foragers and wilderness living with cabins or similar…rough it style…I have start up money if you let me join and many skills and hard work attutitude to bring…. Please contact me
    ..even any trappers or hunters looking for free help and a friend to help you earn a living.

  2. Tom Lambert

    We live off grid in northeastern Alberta…its tough..but doable..espescially at 40 below..

  3. jr

    I’m in Mattice, not far from your spot on the map. I purchased an acre just out side of town right off the missinabi river. If your in a jam give me shout.
    Licensed carpenter.

  4. Matthew

    I would love to join a community. rossjarvis@sympatico.ca

  5. Matthew

    I would love to join a community

  6. Tim

    I am trying to start an off grid community or join an existing one and learn how to make a yurt, grow my own food and collect my own water. If you know of a community like this or are interested in hearing more of my “plan” my email is:

  7. Jon

    I am looking for others who want to live a life outside of the cities, who want to live in a place that’s above sea level and away from fault lines. If this is what you seek then email me: tbcivilian@yahoo.ca

  8. Caleb

    I would also love to join someone off-grid in Canada! I am 18 but have had the dream to live simply since i was a child. Please e-mail me about what is it like there at mush113807@evangel.edu

  9. Purtek

    I would like to join you if you are still looking! purtek123@hotmail.com

  10. Gavin

    30yr old Single English guy from UK, I am also looking to go off-grid, possibly in Canada.
    Would love to hear from others looking to do the same. Contact me: gavin.cass@hotmail.com

  11. InfiniteSunnyDays

    Im looking to join an off the grid community in Canada. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Seems not alot in B.C. Email Carsonsauerwein@gmail.com with information.
    Thanks a bunch!! Bless

  12. glen moore

    hi I,m glen a few question,what kind power supply do you have? how many our with you?what are your supply need at this time ,if I were to join you?what wuold I need to bring?

  13. grevandole

    I am hoping to go off grid just north of Timmins, but it won’t be happening for another 3-5 yrs still.

  14. Elnav

    I live in BC Canada and find it ironic that the ads for Canada expired six months ago. what is the point in carrying such advertising?

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