Hello there, My name is Daniel I am 19 years old and living now in Sweden, I left the UK due to crazy restrictions of the government, preparation for the great reset and the vaccine passports. I had hope in future, and I still have as people will wake up however agenda 2030 is going to happen, and the consequences will be horrific years to come, I prefer not to stick around and live in a auhoritarian and communist world. I want to be free in my life and live a peaceful yet exiting life of adventure. My plan is to move to a remote tropical island in the French Polynesia and build a self succifient home there and try to live in a somewhat modern way still. Moving to a remote island alone is not easy, and I would prefer to have friends with me there, the choice to move away is not easy and I cannot convince anyone to do it, it has to be personal, and if you feel like you have had enough of the preparation for the great reset and the amount of sheep around you or want to live in a island away from stress and like the adventure then I would be very happy to be on the same island with you and share the adventure. My plan is to start living the life stressfree happily and by being self sufficient. Experiencing the nature and relaxing while having fun. My plan includes building a home, garden, port, and much more, all depending on the help. The plan is not to live like a hermit, but to try to make it as modern as possible.

If interested message me at +358466583073

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8 Responses to “Anyone interested in living on a remote tropical island?”

  1. Jalen Johnson

    Would also be interested and right now in Cali they are setting up vaccine passports and I can’t be here no longer than 2022. I wish the best for everybody but I don’t know if people will wake up in time. I have hope that I will make it to 2022 w/o huge complications but let me know with any replies.

  2. Alberto and Daniela

    Hi Daniel,

    what have you found about islands on sale? We’d be happy to chat, and share some experience on international travelling, living abroad, and the hypnotic condition of today’s humanity.

    We are currently living in the UK, but spent many years in Italy, South America, Hungary, and share this feeling of unease for the way our society is going. We had started looking for plots of land in Sardinia, but are open to more exotic places.

    Get in touch if you would like, we’d be happy to trade ideas. Just be warned – we’re much less young than you!

    Alberto and Daniela

  3. DanielG

    Hello parallexmike, sorry for taking such a long time to reply.
    I have picked the French Polynesia as it seems the best out of other islands like you have mentioned the weather can get really bad in Fiji. The maldives seem too focused on tourism and it’s too islamic.French Polynesia or Tonga is perfect in my opinion. I have 2 options which are to buy an island or another option which is an island in Tonga that I have permission to use and live on from the German owners and it’s lease is still valid for about 60 years. The island seems perfect on all matters and the house is in need of small renovations, but the only problem it is very remote. Most islands in tonga can be leased for 50-100 years, but there aren’t that many islands on sale but rather land. Without a sailboat something closer to inhabited island is the best, but with a sailboat a lot more options open up and the more remote the better in my opinion so that nobody bothers you and no permissions on building is required.
    Kind Regards,

  4. parallexmike

    Since I last posted three of the island’s I had my eye on have sold. But now I am willing to chip in half the price of the remaining three so let me know. If you’re no longer interested in acquiring a freehold island also let me know.

    • DanielG

      Hello parallexmike, sorry for taking such a long time to reply. My options at the moment are French Polynesia or Tonga both that are peaceful and not too tourism filled or lawless, and the weather does not get as bad as in Fiji or close to Australia. I have seen many islands on sale in the French Polynesia, but they’re usually very big and expensive, whereas in Tonga land is cheaper but there are not freeholds in there as foreigners cannot own freeholds, so the land is leased for up to 99years, in French Polynesia this is different, but the problem is regulations to the building etc. The most important thing is a sailboat as with a big boat more options open up at more remote locations I have my eye on a island in Tonga that is very remote, but it was intended as a resort it only has one house on the island, and it has been abandoned by its American and German owners who build it from scratch I have contacted the German and I got permission to take care of the property and live there as a caretaker, but also build something on the island and perhaps he would be willing to sell the island. Anyway it is great that you’re interested and I hope we can work something out, by understanding our plans first.
      kind Regards,

  5. Yashank

    Hello guys! This sounds like a dream! I would love to do what I can, but no idea how to start and where to go. Can we create a facebook group for now and communicate?

  6. parallexmike

    Definitely interested, but you have to make sure the island is freehold not leasehold. I would be willing to chip in and purchased the island, they are so many available in French Polynesia, the islands near Fiji are beautiful but the weather can get really bad. So just let me know what I can do to help you make this happen. I already sent you an email message and so you can keep in touch either way.

  7. Karoline

    I have lived a traveling life, spending copious amounts of time alone on the road meeting new people, and sometimes traveling with some of them. The time spent traveling was definitely an adventure to remember. I put in a lot of research time into edible weeds and their nutritional, mineral contents, and survival skills needed in case of emergencies. Just some friendly advice, these skills came in handy while I traveled pretty much with very little income.