anyone in colorado?

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14 Responses to “anyone in colorado?”

  1. juicebox

    Me and my fiance,want,to move off the grid.i got knowledge is willing to teach others my,knowledge

  2. GavinC

    I’m 18 and almost ready to get out of society. I can get supplies and I will be a certified healer very soon. Contact me if you can help me leave the insanity!

  3. Rachel, Joe, and Lukyan

    Hey! We are a relatively young family looking to move to Colorado. We aren’t sure where, but we know we want to be off grid. We are currently in Ohio and have worked with/volunteered at an organic farm here. Mostly working with plants, cleaning out a goat barn/chicken coop, spreading manure, roto tilling, working a backhoe, etc. We are able bodied under 35, and have a toddler. We are both people who like our space, but we can’t think of any other way to spend our time besides helping others. Please e mail as we want out of our current situation soon. Have an awakened, joyful day!

  4. Christopher "Gage" Smart

    vegan 22 yo able bodied.. have seeds.. and a good portion of the know how. but looking to learn MUCH more

  5. Christopher "Gage" Smart

    If someone finds one accepting new residents please contact me asap (865) 206-7362

  6. James Ridcully

    i have a plan worked out for a fully off the grid homestead. just need others with land and skills that i lack to get everything going. 90% recycled building materials. all i really need is land and a well.

  7. Ce'Nedra

    Does anyone have a plan? I hear so much and I am desprite to get out of the city. Something close to nature, with no cell phones. But we have to rely on eachother. Even the ecomonics today suggest we need to go back to the tribal living and move in with our families to save money. We can’t all be just a bunch of independants bumping around in trying to start something. We need eachothers skills experience and personal styles to make this work. So, is there a community established or in the process of establishment in Colorado, and shall we meet up one weekend?

  8. Army Doc

    im a prior army combat medic looking for off the grid teachings.

  9. Nicole

    I don’t care where it is! Somebody get me onto a self sufficient farm ASAP. I know how to make fabric, spin wool, grow food, and am interested in so much more!

  10. Grace

    I used to live/teach in Montrose CO and looking for land to join others for eco community off grid living.


  11. Don Adams

    The Rabbit’s Hole Village is not just a place to live… it is a way of life.

  12. Old Man

    What is the price for land and size of acreage?

  13. Kay

    I am interested in the S.W. Colorado – looking for good earth for growing food and clean water (well).

  14. Vicki

    We have a place in Crawford, Colorado.
    We are working on getting it “off grid”
    Where are you? Maybe we can come and see your place and get some ideas.