I’m 36, southern gentleman. Can do a variety of things, from carpenter work to gardening. Help with catching and preserving food. My skills are very broad and versatile. Love to dig ginseng, different herbs and roots, fish, mountains, sustainable living. I would make a great addition to someones off grid life.  I am drug free, 420 friendly and have grown for the past 18 years. Cant wait to hear from the right person/group. 


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9 Responses to “Anyone or group needing an off grid partner?”

  1. freerange

    We have a start up community, south Arkansas, over 60 acres.

    We would love your help.

    We have perfect growing weather, almost year-round season.

  2. Khun Karl

    43yo UK guy …just moved to Peru this year after 15 years in Asia to persue the dream and the reality of living offgrid below the equator in the lungs of the world .currently a part time shaman and a part time prepper but a full time shamanic project developer. Just start building 16 hobbit hole style earthships which you can come down and help build as volunteers with a view of buying them at cost ($4k) or build your own on the land at no cost and become part of our sustainable community.

    Located near Machu Pichu,Cusco, Peru. find us on fb (SAN PEDRO VALLE RETREAT) or email organicshamanperu@gmail.com for more details.

  3. markymark

    I am a Canadian 50 something male looking for off grid partner a female. Northern b.c. location if seriously interested contact me at
    With the header off grid partner……


  4. John

    I forgot to list my email. It is lauritz9315jr@gmail.com do not bother me unless you are absolutely serious.

  5. John

    We are a couple. I am fairly well skilled in carpentry. Some gardening. VERY fast learner. Good cook as is she. 420 friendly. Will have fair ssi deposited as long as government doesnt collapse. Totally committed and ready to start SERIOUS plans now. Currently in SC. Willing to move to some locations. We desire to make this happen soon. Clean and drug free. Lets do this i ham a vet of reagan era navy and have two friends who are Marine And army vet looking as well one is female.

  6. Alexa

    21. Female. Interested in going off grid. Considering land in Texas. Already have strong rural community and family ties for location and defense weapon types. Looking to join small group of like-minded and skilled individuals. The Lord goes before me and prepares my way. Alexaguess13@gmail.com 420 friendly.

  7. Lila

    Hello southern gentleman…. Any more info about what kind of situation you’re hoping to find? Locations you’re interested in, etc?

    I’m not currently off grid, but am looking for a property now in southern California. I’m 33 female from the midwest. I don’t have a lot of skills just yet, but hoping to develop them….. if you’d like to connect you can message me at sweetlilasunshine at gmail.

  8. Lindsay

    I’m a mechanic with some inventions in the works, been looking for a group or individual to plan an off-grid, comfortable lifestyle. Cob buildings, greenhouse, and a hands-off approach to basic permaculture, with a proven track record. Email if you’re interested.

  9. Zachary

    Well, while not within the next year or so, I am planning on purchasing land up north for going 100% off grid. I would like a small group of people involved. No more than a dozen. Shoot me an email here—Forgottencall@gmail.com We will talk and see if our goals match up.