[before_listing id=0 images= youtube=null] 21 year old female living a meaningless life, in a big polluted city… when i close my eyes i see miles and miles of forest with rivers running in and out. that is where my soul longs to be. every damn day that I live in this apartment full of meaningless STUFF, my soul dies a little. each day i die inside. does anyone know what that feels like? i am willing to work the land, long and hard hours a day, for room and board. i would rather pull weeds and plant flowers and trees, then work a pointless job for a billion-dollar corporation that does not deserve my soul. my soul belongs to the dirt and the trees and the sky. PLEASE HELP ME! as i type this, there is a lump gathering in my throat but the tears won’t come anymore. i don’t know much about off-grid living but i am MORE than ready to learn. [landbuddy_listing id=0 youtube=null]

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8 Responses to “Anybody else out there who is lost and lonely?”

  1. MAX A jacobs

    hi im a 50yr old male ive been offgrid a year i want a female companion to share my joys hopes and dreams with

  2. Riccooper73

    If you are still interested, wife and I have 40 acres in Fallon Nv that we live on with 4 kids and animals. I am 43 wife is 24. Let us know. Maybe can help.

  3. Taurean

    Everything you said is exactly how I feel! I would love to chat. Please email me.

  4. Alrod53

    Hi, Endless Enigma farm has an opening and small cabin available in exchange for work. We have been off grid for five yrs now. This year we are starting the aquaponics greenhouse 55×25 to grow veggies and fish for our restaurant and us. The farm is thirty acres of woods and we also practice agroforestry.
    Growing mushrooms on freshly fallen trees not timbering. Drop us an email if interested endlessenigmafrm@ aol. Com

  5. brady

    have you found anything yet have a couple locations ..send me an email and we will go from there

  6. Janice


    Have you had any luck in finding a place? Send me an email if you have not. Perhaps we could work something out. ausgeglichen@aol.com

  7. karen knapp

    I know how you feel. I am 55 years old and have felt the same way for many years now. I am alone no family to speak of. I keep trying to get in the country and off grid but financially can not do it. I need help also. I would to be southwest of Colorado Springs. There is a county, Saguache, that has no building codes, except for the two state codes. It would be nice to find some people that feel like we do and build some solar cabins an become a family to escape this loneliness.

  8. LaMar

    Hi Aquarius!

    I have helped many people like you escape the city and own their own country homestead and little off-grid cabins.

    I have many vids showing you how to get the land and build your cabin here:


    you can contact me offline here:

    lamar5292 @yahoo.com

    I would be glad to help you achieve your dream!