Hello, If you are going off the grid I would like to have your current home.

In the past couple of years I have become very interested in living a simpler way of life. Ideally I would like a little home in the middle of nowhere but my work at this time will not allow for that.

I am a Christian with strong values. I am also a creative and I also own and host an Internet radio station, Verb Radio. I have started gardening and learning to preserve food. My idea is to go off grid while still in the city or just outside of it since our work will not allow us to live far out.

I will be getting married next year so this home will be for me and my husband who is also a Christian, a musician and my business partner.

Right now I am renting but looking to buy a home to turn into a self sufficient homestead. The perfect home would already be equipped with solar panels, a sewer system, generators or anything that will put us closer to self sufficiency.

The ideal home has space for a garden, a price and terms I can afford and someone willing to sell it to me. If you have a house that you would like to sell as a lease to own or some other easy terms (leniency on credit, low to no down payment, low monthly payment $900 to $1000 a month) I would like to speak with you.

Thank you in advance and God bless you as you all seek to live closer to the land.

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4 Responses to “Anybody Have a Home You Don’t Need?”

  1. Daryl Keith Owen

    I don’t know if you are aware of this but you have no need of a State Marriage license. Under commonlaw a marriage is between you, God, and your wife. The bible condemns licentiousness. A license is permission from the State which would be otherwise illegal or immoral. By common definition Licentiousness is doing something immoral or something obviously not allowed.
    A Marriage License the legalese defition in the Black’s Law Dictionary is ‘permission from the State for a for an interracial marriage’ modern law dictionaries have shortened it to ‘intermarriage’ meaning the same thing but more subtle.
    In the bible a paper was only necessary for divorce and it wasn’t decided by the State because the State was not a party to that contract but rather our Creator ans Savior. All that is necessary under a Commonlaw marriage is to give 2 weeks notice to the general public either on a public message board, courthouse, or in a newspaper and to consumate the marriage 2 weeks later.
    Commonlaw Marriage by default occurs in some state when a man and woman have been cohabitating for 7 years or so.
    Before Abe Lincoln’s time there were no Marriage Licenses. After the slaves were freed they didn’t wan whites and non-whites marrying so they arbitrarily turned a right into a privelege by issuing license. This is done to our right to travel and right to property even though a Driver’s License only applies to someone operating a State or Corporate automobile in the act of Commerce. It was working so well they just decided to obscure the facts and apply it to everyone. If you title a vehicle you ‘transfer claim’ to the ‘State of _______.’ Claim means ownership. They also presume to own us and all we own through the Birth Certificate and Social Security Card which is a Strawman or Corporate fiction created when one applies as they lie to people and tell them that it is mandatory. There exist forms to rescind these things which we have signed under duress or coersion.
    People have been made from Sovereign Freeholders into U.S. Citizens which is a subject of a Corporation chartered in 1789. I would do a little looking into it if I were you. You may discover you do not have to pay the Voluntary Income Tax and can obtain Allodial Title or a Land Patent and pay no income tax. In the case of the latter the city or county is obligated to pay back the last 3 years of taxes paid.
    You may find there is more reason than ever to get off-grid.

  2. Laura

    How is Acton/Sunland area sounds to you?
    I may have something for you there, it is 30 min drive to Westside and 15 min to downtown if you have a job in LA area. Feel free to contact by email, leave your number and I will contact you.

  3. lmarrie

    Right now I live near Culver City but I have some flexibility. Do you have something and if so where? Thanks in advance Eka!

  4. Eka

    What area?