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Harsh weather conditions and inaccessibility for half the year make it impossible to install wires and pipes to deliver energy to Antarctica. In Australia�s Mawson Station, 2.1 megalitres of diesel had to be transported by ship and truck every year to keep the station working. This is costly, dangerous and a huge stress for the pristine and fragile Antarctic environment. The Solution:


� Australian Antarctic Division 2002
Kingston Tasmania 7050

Mawson�s two wind turbines, completed in June this year, will harness the strongest winds on the planet to produce as much as 1 megawatt clean renewable energy. This innovative project is the first attempt to use wind energy in Antarctica to reduce reliance on fossil fuel.

The Australian Antarctica Division hopes the wind turbines will eventually cover all of Mawson�s energy needs. It plans to have its 4 stations powered by renewable energy by 2007.


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