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WARNING: A directory of UK cell phone numbers goes live shortly.

All existing cell phone numbers including those belonging to special needs and children will be available from next week to to unscrupulous marketing people for the purposes of cold calling and general abuse.

To remove your number go here (you need your mobile phone with you to do this, they text you a code). – more on next pageWhen on the site, click “Home” then “Ex-directory”

This will remove you from the directory.

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3 Responses to “Anonymise your mobile phone”

  1. Daviid

    Big yawn… Nobodys number will be made available. Would you please – please read their site. If what you were saying was true how would the company ever get offcom approval?! Puleease!
    118800 don’t give out numbers to ANYONE. If someone wants to talk to you they send you a message and you choose to accept or reject the call. As far as kids go 118800 say that if they can’t verify that the number belongs to an adult they mark it as ex-directory.
    Please report fact not rumour!

  2. juliet

    Its a very useful service if you think the positive way.ever confronted with that lost phone number of that old friend—you’ll get my point. but as always the other side of this tech would be abused by the ‘bad guys’.

  3. Keef

    Don’t bother, they’ve only got 15 million numbers out of an estimated 40 million in circulation. All you’re doing is giving them information they most likely don’t have.

    What happens when they have a call for you (assuming they have your details right – most of their data is probably well out of date) is they send you a text asking you to ring them. All you need to do is delete the text, don’t respond even to say they’ve got the wrong number as you’re just giving them more information. Let them have the expense of sending out all these texts for no return.