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I’ve been seeing this material called Reflectix, it’s basically bubblewrap encased in aluminized mylar on both sides, it has insulative properties. It was originally created to be used as insulation in buildings, garages and such. Since this product is flexible like a fabric as opposed to being ridged, I wondered if this could be used in some clothing, shoes and such to help keep you warm without having to resort to bulky, thick layers…. I look in my mukluk style booties and there is a reflective foil layer beneath the sole, I don’t know if it is a bubblewrap product, but the foil layer is there. While looking on YouTube for alternative uses or additional uses for Reflectix, I didn’t really find anything related to clothing or even bedding, but I did find lots of videos about using it as a “cozy” that goes around cups, pans and such, cooking related uses. I can also see that it might be good for making a “cold bag” to carry your perishables home from the grocery store. Those cold bags they sell in the grocery stores are not cheap, and a roll of Reflectix is not expensive at all, I’m considering buying a roll just to experiment with. How about you, has anyone out there experimented with Reflectix? If so, what did you make and how did it work for you? Here are a few videos I found on the subject.

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