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I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but for me, I enjoy seeing how other people take unusual structures and turn them into homes. I have seen homes made out of grain silos, shipping containers, even bales of hay, but this takes the cake, this home was created out of a defunct water tower, it’s a little too modern looking for me as to the decor on the inside, the outside it great!

So there was a water tower in a small Belgian village that no one paid much attention to. That is, until a businessman decided to convert it into the dream home I had no idea I wanted. The entire exterior was restored to its original state and the inside, well… the photos speak for themselves.

This place is incredible. Not only visually but the high tech features and, most of all, that awesome view.


Photos by: Andreas Meichsner, Jasmine Van Hevel, Mauro Brigham and Olivier Papegnies

I would never guess such a masterpiece would be in something like a water tower…but I’m in love. I want to live in a tower tower, even if that means one with water still in it. I’ll manage.

The original article can be found here


Bham Design Studio: the firm that completed the transformation

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