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Little plots of land that can be rented to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers exist in most cities. Here we give advice on how to get an allotment in the UK.  For USA please see this link to get an idea of how it works over there 

Most people forget that growing your own food in the city is possible, and one way to do it if you don’t have a garden is to get an allotment. You’ll able to grow your own fruit and veg, and also contribute to the general ecosystem by providing a habitat for wildlife that tends to disappear from the city.

Allotments are usually provided by city boroughs for an average of 20 a year. The elderly, disabled and unemployed people, as well as people receiving income support get discounts. The best thing to do is to contact your local council to find out how to get an allotment in your borough. Their often aren’t enough of them and you might have to put your name on a waiting list.

There are innumerable advantages to having an allotment. First of all you’ll save a lot on fruit and veg bills.You’ll be able to make sure what you eat is chemical and GM free, and it’ll also taste much better. Just dig a whole in a corner and you’ll have a compost bin for your green waste. It is also a way to spend some time outside, meet like-minded people, and preserve those little bits of non-built land that are becoming so rare in our cities

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Allotments UK a UK government site to find your nearest allotment and apply for a patch of land there

UK forums of people who grow food on their allotments
The London allotment Group

The Allotment Regeneration Initiative a UK initiative that campaigns for the re introduction of allotments in the UK. Seminars, success stories, newsletter

The national Society of Allotments and leisure gardeners

The Vegetable Patch organic vegetable gardening information

Urban Food Garden

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