[before_listing id=426 images= youtube=null] I’m 27 years old and live in London. I moved here 10 years ago from a small coastal town in South Africa to save enough money to buy land in either the UK or South America and start a small community – since my early teens this was always the plan. I’ve read tons of books on self sufficient living, grow my own food and have over the years found ways to live only on the basics but I’m not sure where to go from here.

So why off grid? I’m a sensitive person and value love and sharing above all else but have for a while tried to fake apathy and buy into all the crap that has only made me ill. Like Krishamurti said ‘we have to be sick to be well-adjusted’ but I can no longer make this compromise and hope to meet others who feel the same way. I’d like to remove myself completely, live as simply as possible and one day start a small animal sanctuary on the land. I am an animal activist and vegan but like humans too ;)

Thanks for reading,
Lissy [landbuddy_listing id=426 youtube=null]

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2 Responses to “Advice on how to get started?”

  1. alicevcarter

    Hi !
    My friend and I are starting a project and we just need like minded people to join us. My link is
    Take a look and get in touch :)
    Alice x

  2. Adam Becker

    Hi I saw your post & I totally agree! I want to start or join a community off grid completely self sustaining with gardens. Is it expensive in London to do this? I’m in the USA, saving up money to eventually live off the land. My only concern is having enough people, human communication and interaction within the community? :)