SWM looking for some adventure.  I grew up in a farm – hunting, fishing, building and growing crops and cattle.  I have also been taught in primitive survival learning to survive from the land.  The skills that I have obtained in the 35 years that I have been alive have become quite futile in the world I’m currently living in.  My aim is to get off grid, Maybe the Alaska region, and start my life from “the ground up”  I’m not in this for romance, though that might be an option, and I’m not gay though my travels may include a male if your up for the trip.  Also if you know anyone that might want to make the trip, please include them as well.  More hands on deck is always more helpful when your on your own.  Contact me through phone, text or email




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2 Responses to “Adventure awaits”

  1. Derek

    That sounds like you have the beginning started, as far as land is concerned. I’m going to do a search as far as what the land looks like. My general idea is just too come in and set up camp. From there we can figure where and how we want properties built, obviously doing this by hand. My intentions are not to build a mansion as most might think lol, just something small and simple to enjoy life out in the peace and quiet. Feel free to text me if you would like to continue pursuing this idea.

  2. anniesprinkles

    I would also like to live off the grid, but financially struggling right now. I do own about 35 acres of land in Hibbing, MN. (about 8 miles in the country from town) I’m currently residing in Fresno, CA. I would definitely need help to get things started. So I guess we’ll see what happens. I’m mid forty something female.