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Dear Friends, hello and thank you for stopping by to say hello. I am a 40 year young woman that has been living off the grid for 3 years. so yes I have a genset for power, I use a cell phone and a lap top, I have a tv, mind you it is a small portable dvd player. I use things like electric mixers, and blenders in my home. so hey life is normal right? we I am looking to take my nice comfy off the grid life to a new level, I would like to drop all the comfort. I am planning on heading out and building a log cabin in the bush near a fresh water river or lake. to grow a small garden next summer, hunt and fish for food as well as gather. I know many edible plants along the coast of bc and inland, I have knowledge of wild animals. I am not squeamish at all. I have knowledge of emergency first aid and medical treatment to save a small thing from turning into a life threatening event.

I am hoping to talk with others that may be interested in doing the same thing or would just like to talk. I have many experiences that I could shear.

thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you

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  1. John Bafui

    Hi, my name is john Bafui and just my reading your profile aI am trilled to be there to experience the adventure and new developments, thanks forthe offering this opportunity,

    your best alliance.