My mom, older brother and I are all looking for an opportunity to live off the grid. My mom and older brother are out of work and looking for opportunities in Portland Oregon just haven’t brought them any luck. At this point, we really don’t think that the traditional lifestyle is for us anymore. We are looking to join a community of people, such as a working farm or ranch of some kind or anything similar where we can contribute to the community overall and be part of something much different than the traditional. We are all very healthy and none of us are on any medication nor do we have any health issues. We’re also in good shape. We are healthy eaters and while we do eat meat, we wouldn’t mind at all becoming vegetarian based on a community’s beliefs. All three of us come from a Christian background and would be open to joining a community of that faith, although we are also open to opportunities that are non-religious or something like that. We don’t smoke, we don’t do drugs, we don’t drink heavily at all. We just want the opportunity to contribute to something much different than what we are used to and we are open to learning new skills to contribute.

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10 Responses to “3 Adults Who Want to Move Off-The-Grid”

  1. John Arizona

    How is your off grid goal shaping up? I hope well! My son and me are Christians also and looking to move off grid right now, no more waiting. I have a strong construction/telecom background and have been doing road trips to check out land. We just returned from Golden Valley Az and couldn’t believe how polluted the air is so that’s out. For some reason not a single real estate agent told us that. If you are still looking for like minded people let me know and for whoever reads this please also reply either in seeking others to do same or just share experiences so far. God bless all!

  2. Robert nelson

    The date on previous post 12-25-2015. Shout out to all peacemakers and unheard from victims of Jesse and his scamming. Robert nelson

  3. Robert nelson

    I am the caretaker of that 80 acres. Xmas eve day here and I am the caretaker of the 80 acres Jesse refers to. These people are not straight shooters. Crooked as the hind leg of a dog. Do not trust Dr Jekyll and given time you would get the Mr. Hyde. My experience was that these people tell lots of stories and are hurtful. Robert nelson

  4. Jesse

    We have 80 acres of unrestricted land. Many resources including a coal mine, pond, forest and views of 20+ mountain peeks!We all eat meat. We are open for smokers, Vegan folks, hunters, non hunters, Christian, non Christian, You name it we consider you! We are wanting to invite people and families to stop struggling in mainstream! We were a struggling family 2 years ago. One day my wife and I decided to rent our house out, sell all the contents of the home on the front lawn for a yard sale. We took the money and some savings and headed for Colorado!We began our adventure in a 26′ single wide camper. My wife and two sons. (age 12&3) Everyone thought we went nuts! “You guys are doing what?” friends and family said. Well, we did it anyway! I don’t recommend doing what we did the way we did it. However, I do recommend you do it! Do it your way. Create a grand vision of yourself! And then give you you! We did and It’s been WONDERFUL!! We are currently working on the road and utilities so we can live on the land and off the land too. Anybody that would like to write me about concerns can. I have learned a lot about how a family can make a not so easy transition much easier! Don’t believe it if someone tells you it’s hard to do because it isn’t! My hope is that some day the land will become a place for families, couples and singles to learn how to live better. Let it be a model for others to use in their grand adventure. I would like to start with 3 families. My family plus 2 others. Spring 2015 would be a good time to start building! Call me 442-222-9378. I rather talk than write.

  5. Marieke

    Send me an email:

  6. Susan Quinlan

    Dear “off the gridlock” You are a wonderful son. I know you are trying to help your brother and mother. I have to tell you to wait and have faith. Going off the grid is not a decision to make when you are desperate and disillusioned with life in general. Your mother is better off making a choice like this when she has some financial security to fall back on. A choice made with options if something doesn’t pan out. I was out of work for a year one time and watched my son sit by helplessly. It left scares, and also helped him become a great job hunter himself. Off grid can be a wonderful life. Made more wonderful by making it happen on your own terms. For now, use your energy to work on skills you may benefit from right now. Living a thrifty life while education yourself in all areas of off grid living. Or look to a future that would allow you to live out these dreams while making a living at something you like. Just because you do not see answers right now doesn’t mean they are not there. Preparation + opportunity!

  7. hank

    forget about religen,if you are living off grid time is spent collecting and foraging for food,its about team work,living with nature is no joke,you have to swing with it ,seasons dictate, weather is your freind or foe, water,water,is a must have if you dont have you die,if you have a little money ,get some land ,with a spring or nere a lake ,forest is a must for fuel,if you have these you are on your way. build a root celler

  8. haitsi

    Me and my soon to be wife are looking to live off he grid ourselfs.where looking for a community to live in.i am 31 soon to be 32 she is 51.anybody with a place or land.i will build me and my fiances own house and will work to keep our stay

  9. JD

    Sorry, forgot the link to the directory. Here it is:

  10. JD

    Hello, I’m a Christian and have been praying and looking for others to help us or move next to our family’s permaculture homestead. However we live all the way across the Pacific. Would you be willing to fly to Asia?:-) Meanwhile you can check this post by Brie Hoffman, she was looking to get a Christian group together to form a community in Tennessee: Or you can check this directory of believers worldwide seeking to join other like-minded and like-spirited individuals.
    May the Lord lead you to the place and group He wants you to join. Feel free to email me,