My mom, older brother and I are all looking for an opportunity to live off the grid. My mom and older brother are out of work and looking for opportunities in Portland Oregon just haven’t brought them any luck. At this point, we really don’t think that the traditional lifestyle is for us anymore. We are looking to join a community of people, such as a working farm or ranch of some kind or anything similar where we can contribute to the community overall and be part of something much different than the traditional. We are all very healthy and none of us are on any medication nor do we have any health issues. We’re also in good shape. We are healthy eaters and while we do eat meat, we wouldn’t mind at all becoming vegetarian based on a community’s beliefs. All three of us come from a Christian background and would be open to joining a community of that faith, although we are also open to opportunities that are non-religious or something like that. We don’t smoke, we don’t do drugs, we don’t drink heavily at all. We just want the opportunity to contribute to something much different than what we are used to and we are open to learning new skills to contribute.

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