Me, my girlfriend and best friend are desperate to move off grid. Can anyone help us out? We’ll travel anywhere in Europe. 

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5 Responses to “Absolutely desperate to move off grid!!!”

  1. julia whatley

    Yes, I agree with David Yisrael.. I can’t seem to get out and off grid Harder I try its not happening I seem to be blocked!. I am so tired of the slavery and mainstream society. I am in South west England and looking to go to Portugal. Lots of communities there. Today I am registering with Work away and hopefully join a family and gets some hands on experience. Real survivor, be good to get our heads together.. Julia non smoker vegie and into permaculture and money free society., age 60. Look forward to anyone’s responses who would like to get together..

  2. Dharmabum

    Check out central and north portugal, there are more eco villages and communities than one can count. Most are very progressive in terms of sustainability and being off grid, it’d be good to move around and see which ones you click with.

  3. Realsurvivor1

    I’m looking to move off grid as well – I’m currently in South East England but also willing to travel. Would you consider letting me join your group so we can pool our resources and see if we can make this happen. If you have a look at my Twitter page – you can see if I will be a good match for you @realsurvivor1 – hopefully speak soon

  4. Harry.Bouch.96

    Thank you for those wise words David Yisrael.

  5. David Yisrael

    From personal experience I have found the harder you try to attain something the more elusive it is to attain. When you relax, take a deep breath and focus your attention on the positive I find that things begin to fall into place on their own without all the added pressure. Not to minimize your situation but to help you put it into perspective. I hope this helps. Be blessed