Wymn come forth. Have acreage owned outright 100% off grid. Private and secluded but not isolated. Ready for the work of wild rustic but beautiful buildings. . ponds gardens and orchards as well as rocket stove hot tubs/ saunas and food smokers. One will develop and relie on solar power rain catchment,  wood heat and perhaps some propane    We are looking for wimmin who are emotionally stable and mature. Familiarity with this way of life would be a great plus as this not for the egotistical or faint of heart.


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11 Responses to “Able minded/bodied wymn”

  1. Lorrie

    Very Interested. more information please. I am a single 45 yr. female looking for a change in life style .Please feel free to email me. lorrienewsom@aol.com

    • blue

      Late response .. site does not seem to allow notification etc. Are you still put there ?

  2. Wannadisappear


  3. Mic

    Hi Grrrrlz,

    Well…. before i barrage ya’ll w/ ??? and proclaim, my skill set… I’d like to know if these messages are actually getting thru.. So…. if these are getting thru, how bout a courtesy email back??? eh??

  4. blue

    Can’t retrieve response

  5. Judith Dennis

    Do you have more information on what your plans are? Do you want other people to come and donate work hours and rent? Where is this? I may know someone interested.

  6. Babe

    Hey! Hey! IS this comment getting thru? Just wondering how this site works. No responses ever . Just as a courtesy, please respond. Or is that just too much to ask?

  7. Babe

    Hi, Where are you located? how much acreage? Buy in fee? Life lease? Cooperative?
    Me-? Builder/grower/butcher/baker/candlestick maker-etc… Looking forward to hearing fro you.
    Peace -Babe