I have been offgrid where I currently caretake, and my own property, which I will be moving to is to be offgrid.

However, I got a “landbuddy” a few years ago, (NOT via this web site )who has the power on, and has broken our contract a dozen ways.

Instead of leaving from eviction as he was suppose to, he is aggressively trying to take half my land, saying it was a sale instead of rent towards joint ownership with me.

I am entering into a court battle with someone who wants to remain ongrid, and take out as many police/BATF as possible, should they come to remove him.

He has done thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage to my land in less than a year, while supposedly our lawyers were trying to work something out.

I want to let you all be aware to be very cautious about whom you let in to your property. He represented himself as someone that was community minded, and 100% for the contract we drew up, but that is not at all who he is.

So just be extra careful please.

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