I have been offgrid where I currently caretake, and my own property, which I will be moving to is to be offgrid.

However, I got a “landbuddy” a few years ago, (NOT via this web site )who has the power on, and has broken our contract a dozen ways.

Instead of leaving from eviction as he was suppose to, he is aggressively trying to take half my land, saying it was a sale instead of rent towards joint ownership with me.

I am entering into a court battle with someone who wants to remain ongrid, and take out as many police/BATF as possible, should they come to remove him.

He has done thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage to my land in less than a year, while supposedly our lawyers were trying to work something out.

I want to let you all be aware to be very cautious about whom you let in to your property. He represented himself as someone that was community minded, and 100% for the contract we drew up, but that is not at all who he is.

So just be extra careful please.

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21 Responses to “A Word of Warning”

  1. mtsassi

    After reading this I have to say that this Travis guy is not what he appears to be. I lived in the Draw and he tried to trespass on a lot of the peoples property up there without permission. He was not suppose to be running his hounds up there to begin with. Have seen the damage to Snoshoe’s property. Just beware of Richard.

  2. RT

    Gosh. I thought the soapbox program “Payton Place” is bad.

  3. Editor

    This all seems to be descending into pointless recrimination. Please can we stick to the point of the original posting, which was that trying to share land with other people can lead to unexpected problems.

  4. Montana

    Oh Robin – I unfortunately know all about this case. I’ve read the full contract, known Richard for years and I married a private investigator with a criminal justice degree. Marion is so tight knit that Richard’s friend Travis was harassed by you for asking permission to cross the property you care take to get to his hounds. You bedeviled Travis to no end – I’m sure the MT Fish and Game could attest to this. You are correct in the fact that I’ve never met you – I sure hope to keep it that way.

  5. Snoshoe

    BTW Andy, you’ve never met me either, so you’re only talking w/o knowing anything about it. So where are you getting the b.s. that I “intended to scam Richard out of ‘his’ property…”? Where did you get it is a straight rental either? Have you people never heard of “rent to own” or do you just not understand the concept?

  6. Snoshoe

    Yeah, me too, since I have no idea who Travis is.
    You gotta be in a dream world if you think Marion is a “tight knit community”.

  7. Montana

    Can’t wait to hear the testimony of Travis about the true character of Robin. She had every intention of scamming Richard out of his property from day one of the land sale agreement (not a rental contract as she states). FYI – Richard is legally blind and the lies that will be exposed shall be those of Snoshoe. Be careful folks – you want nothing to do with this woman.

  8. Andy

    Excited for the testimony of Travis on the true character of Robin. A lot of people in this close knit community are well aware of her ways. She had every intention of scamming Richard from the first day she drew up the land sale agreement (not a rental contract as she states).

  9. Snoshoe

    Learned today the judge hadn’t ordered him offgrid yet, but no matter. His lies will come out.

  10. Snoshoe

    Posts don’t appear to be editable – Rose, there was no “handwritten contract” so what you were looking at, I don’t know.
    next post – “since” should be “until”.

  11. Snoshoe

    Yes Pat, you’re right, the truth is important. I’ve had my place in Marion for 17yrs. w/no real problem since Richard. I also know him far better than anyone else out there.
    Saying he is blind…. I thought you were talking about truth a moment ago. He is not blind, and that is also established. But, I’m sure he’s got you fooled too, just as he did me. Do some research yourself on “poor Richard”:

  12. Snoshoe

    I’m surprised at you Rose. You’re talking about things you don’t know about. The judge has just ordered him off grid. Just so you know, you will be testifying against him, should this continue on to court.

  13. Pat

    Truth and Lies it will set you free Robin Ashton (aka) Snoshoe . You getting a pretty good name for your self around her in Marion, Mt. And there’s only one truth in this and it not yours. And to do this to a blind man . Really…. The truth is coming out. Cant wait for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. May God have mercy on your soul……….O and a GOOD reporter dose better investigating.. Be for they put out a STORY.

  14. Rose S

    Be cautious about the posters comments. I have read her hand written contract and have been to the property… the property has been improved and the contract reads “off grid when fesable”. Just thought i’d let you know.

  15. Bob

    My # is 931.761.5150. Sounds like the man that nailed me…twice. Bob

  16. Bob

    Snoshoe, does Mr. Hoinville have a bad eye and a scarred face? If so, please contact me

  17. Snoshoe

    His name is Richard Hoinville, age 64, so he probably isn’t headed your way. Nick is working on a story on this and it should be posted on this site very soon.
    See ya later in the spring Koots. :)

  18. koots55

    I am on a bicycle tour attempting to visit as many homesteads as I can so I can learn more about it. I am also working on a photography project as well.

    Sorry about your misfortune, but if I could still pay you a visit in a couple of months that would be great. I am young and fit enough to help you out with any project you have going on. koots55@gmail.com

  19. Lydia

    This is exactly the sort of thing I have feared ….. Some people are very cunning, very slick. I’ve met a few. You must be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove. Discernment is priceless! Pray this works out for you….and thanks for the warning.

  20. centralpafarm

    hey we need names and age etc etc so we don’t get stuck too.. thanks for the alert.. i do make sure people are very humble before they come here. I have learned to reject them first to then see how they react. If they react calmly then i let them know they can come for a visit but if they act out online that is all the sign i need..

    try it next time..

  21. Lanette

    Really! Now play nice there are two sides to every story…..But sounds like this person has gone to far off the grid, and to far to his head. It’s sad some are not as strong minded or have the correct support if any for their cause……