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If you need a portable shower, or a way of cleaning food or dishes – or even dogs –Clean a dog or a fish or yourself on the move, RinseKit is a portable, pressurized water tank with a hose hidden inside.

It opens like a toolbox. The company markets the $90 unit to surfers, fishermen, campers, and anyone who needs a spout off the grid.

You can fill it up at home or on the move, connecting the RinseKit to a garden hose with an included attachment piece. Add up to two gallons of tap water to the box, which then can be squirted out for a couple minutes before the reservoir goes dry.

No batteries are required, no pumping is involved. Water pressure from the tap is essentially transferred into the RinseKit. The box has a chamber that maintains about 65 psi of water pressure, guaranteeing a healthy spray.

Users who tested it out over a month were happy with the product. The RinseKit, invented by a surfer in California, is well-built and easy to use. It has come in handy across a range of outdoor activities.

At a beach, the hose is long enough for an ad hoc car shower. For camping you can use it to wash dishes. Or spray off a dirty mountain bike after a muddy trail day.

The hose head is a garden-style sprayer with settings from a light mist to a muddy-bike-cleaning “jet” mode. You do need to conserve the water, as it drains quickly on the high-power settings.

But its banked two gallons will last for up to three minutes of constant spray when set to a shower mode.

There’s a built-in ruler to measure fish. A solid handle folds up for carrying, and the hose coils to tuck inside when not in use.

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The box weighs about 24 pounds when full of water. It sits in the back of a family van pressurized and at the ready.

For its price tag ($90) the RinseKit may seem a bit much for portable water. But it’s a treat for anyone tired of dealing with sand, grit, mud and other debris that a squirt or stream of water could easily wash away.

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