We (me 42yrs and son 8 yrs old) from the uk are hoping to get over to Portugal soon, this summer. We don’t have any accommodation of our own and will be travelling by train and volunteering Workaway style. 

I don’t feel in a position yet to go it alone off grid and am looking to connect with established communities/ families who are already living off grid around the central portugal area. I would love to learn from peoples experiences and help with any ongoing projects with the view of learning skills and doing it myself as soon as I can. 

Ideally it would be great to find communities with children, who are looking for other members to potentially  to invest/ buy land nearby and to grow the community. 

Please get in touch if you are looking for help to grow a community and if we could visit when we come over.

Many thanks

J + S



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5 Responses to “A place with space, for mum and son”

  1. Elle

    Contact me if you are interested in being off grid in Portugal …adsum2@outlook.com

  2. Jon Law


    I am in the same position and have a group of people also feeling the same, if you have had any progress or would like to discuss this further I would love to get in contact.

    • Joao Correia

      Hello there, i´ve just replied to ” mum´n the son” saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I´m in Uk at moment been here for 9 years now, I know portugal quite well that is my country of origin, I´m in a process of moving away in the begining of 2021, to be honest till this very precise moment I don´t really where to but if we can keep in touch and open minds maybe we can find some kind of common ground in order to make everybody happier because in the end of the day is what All of us are looking for…

      Kind regards

    • Elle

      I’ve got a property and loads of land in Serta very remote part Fundada near natural springs would love to do something off grid animals etc but I don’t have the contacts at all yet …Please see add if it’s listed my email is adsum2@outlook.com

    • Elle

      Seeking those who might know something about building eco showers etc and habitable structures , solar panels etc in central Portugal