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When I  1st started I thought it would be easy. Move 2 arizona or new mexico. I want 2 live solar, away from others, & live happy ever after. Wrong. I am not qualified 4 a loan. I make more than enough. I have 3 dogs & a dedicated hubby. Believe u believe in whatever u want 2. Finding an already made place very difficult. Any ideas out there?

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3 Responses to “A new beginning”

  1. Paula tibbs

    I’ve been wanting 2 live off grid. I love the outdoors, my husband is a great artist, I want 2 grow my own food. The problem i don’t want 2 go without water, a good heating system, I need 2 be near a hospital, I have 3 dogs, and I don’t want a small home. And I need 1 more family 2 go in. I know I am asking a lot, but I know what I want and enjoy. Most out there say good luck, but I say it’s possible.

  2. Alrod53

    Howdy, Ive had the dream of living off of the grid ever since i saw the first Mother Earth news mag in high school.
    Back in 2009 my wife and I decided to sell our marine construction business in Florida and move off of the grid to West Virginia very low taxes beautiful natural landscape and mountains. We purchased 30 acres with a100 yr old cabin on it. Since we both were from cold weather climates, buffalo and chicago we figured a nice change from being cooked by the sun year round.
    We love it here out of the rat race and quiet tho I do miss the free shrimp and oysters we used get from the intercoastal waterway.
    But here Ive found many wild edibles Oyster, chanterelle, hen of the woods mushrooms and many others.
    since 2010 we have been building& rebuilding. We do have internet and a landline now.
    Our house is wired in 12 volt power and lighting is cree led lighting, our toilet is a Sunmar composting, our water comes from a rainwater catchment system with sediment filter 3 carbon filters and UV sterilization 75 gallons of potable for drinking& cooking seems to work for us and the animals. the horse drinks from the creek.
    We both work full time jobs my wife works for an attorney and I work as a well tender for a local oil and gas company where I am out in the woods all day either in a 4×4 truck or on the honda 4×4 when the trail ends,
    I find a lot of mushrooms on my route too.
    Although we (i) havent reached all of our goals yet Im still hard at it in my spare time.
    My newest project is a bandsaw mill to make lumber for more projects.
    Bottom line living off grid is more work than on the grid where you just throw money at your problems and pay for your food rather than grow it or find it…Alrod53

  3. Riccooper73

    I have had this dream since before I was born. Ha. I truly feel I should have been born 200 years ago. I’ve tried 3 times to go off grid. First time was 90 acres near Crescent Valley, NV, 2nd time was 40 Acres near Winnemucca, NV. I am currently purchasing and living on 40 acres in Fallon, NV. With wife, 4 kids, 6 cats, 4 dogs, 12 or so chickens and roosters and a goat.
    The first two times didn’t work out due to personal issues. This time we have been at since April 1st, 2016. I have admit, it’s been real tough. Please contact me if you would like more info. We are looking for a like minded person or couple.