“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately”…

Are there any modern day Thoreau’s out there who wish to leave their comfortable existense to a simple cabin in the woods in a patch of forest?Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era as I don’t feel like I fit into today’s ‘normal society’ and simply don’t want to. After years of dreaming of a place with no neighbors and no traffic I finally purchased a completely off the grid tiny dry cabin (no utilities, no running water) on nine acres in the Ozarks of Missouri, near the Mark Twain National Forest. I am looking to move in by next year 2021. Has anyone on this site just say screw it and opted out of the 9-5 rat race for a simpler life? How easy or hard was the transition? I’m a female in my late forties, single, no dependants, have a job working in a city that I’d rather leave behind. As a city person, I have no off grid or homesteading experience whatsoever so I know it won’t be easy. To be honest I’m scared doing this by myself as my friends and family think I’ve gone crazy and think that I even need counseling for wanting to live off the grid permanently. I think they’re crazy for wanting to stay stuck in this society trap. Anyways, thank you for reading my post and if there is anyone who feels the same way and is looking for a friend to live off the grid in Missouri let me know and we can discuss more. I can be reached here or at alicedowntherabbithole2020@outlook.com

Have a blessed day :)

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15 Responses to “A life outside of the rat race”

  1. Autumn

    Howdy folks,
    I have since closed my ad but after contacting the editor to please delete my post ” A life outside the rat race” here at Off- grid.net it seems they don’t want to do that. Also, it doesn’t allow the person posting the ad (me) to delete it on their own for some strange reason.
    Dear Editor: If you are reading this comment please delete my ad. Thank you.

  2. justice4marilynnmonroe

    Not interested in Missouri but the rest sounds great to me. Looking for those who want to go to Colorado and do this off grid living situation instead of Missouri

  3. Robyn Holland

    I’ve texted you before my name is Robyn Holland you can text me at Holland Robin r o b y n h o l l a n d r o b y n 19 at gmail.com I believe that you responded to my text on buying some land in Arkansas it’s not a lot but it’s something so if you want to talk you can always contact me


      Arkansas sounds great…can we speak text or phone? 561 350 6403 Rocco

  4. Ron

    Hi. I am interested. Looking to do the same in Wisconsin. Am retired handyman extraordinaire. Always learning looking for a partner

    • Robyn Holland

      I think I’ve been looking for you Ron you’re the one who drives the truck and a has been retired and looking for somewhere to go somewhere to set down roots and you have a lot of skills that you have to offer I can be reached at Holland Robyn19 @gmail.com

  5. Burtski

    I’m seriously interested. I emailed you already.

    • autumn

      Hi Burtski,
      Yes, I did receive it and emailed you back :)

    • autumn

      Howdy folks,
      Not sure how to delete my ad here ‘A Life Outside Of The Rat Race’ as I no longer need it. I’ve tried contacting the editor but no response.

  6. Senifa Po'oi

    Hello! I just happen to find myself in the same predicaments and would love to learn with you and live off the land (as life should be lived!) I am 20 years old and an extremely fast learner. I know how to find fresh water, shoot a gun, and fish. My family wants me to go to college and get a job, but in my eyes, that would be contributing to the problem I see in the world today. I want to live free. I am willing to leave everything I know/own behind because I believe possessions weigh you down from truly living, what I consider to be, the virtuous life. I hope to hear from you soon!


    • autumn

      Hello Senifa,
      Thank you for reaching out after reading my post. I sent you a private message via email. ^^

  7. Qwent91

    Hey there.

    I’m interested in talking because I feel very similar to you… Even lived in the Ozarks before in a intentional community in Missouri… Been trying to meet like minded people for a long time now… I’m 28 years old and feel burn out at this point…

    Either way, my email is qwent3354@gmail.com.

    I’ll send you a direct email to you too.

    • autumn

      Hello Qwent91,
      Thank you for your reply. I just emailed you back :)

  8. Gen Agustsson

    I have little to no off grid or homesteading experience whatsoever so I knew it would be neutral for me!

    • autumn

      Hi Gen Agustsson,
      I dunno, just the idea of homesteading for beginners and starting from scratch can feel so overwhelming at times but I’m going to pursue it anyways :)

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