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digging-the-toiletWhat in the wide world of sports do Freegans do all day while the rest of us are working?

They live for free, don’t earn money, so presumably once their basic needs are satisfied they sit around with their pals by day, and party by night, right?

Not so, says Mark Boyle from Bristol UK (pictured), self-styled chief of the tiny Freeconomist movement.

Here he outlines his typical 168 hours week – (our comments in brackets after each item):

1. Sleeping – 38.5 hours (Even the President gets more sleep than that!  This Freeganism is too much like hard work)

2. Digging my toilet – 20 mins (…..what can we say?)

3. Picking, preparing and cooking food on the rocket stove – 7 hours  (the most important thing after sleep,and its all over in an hour a day?)

4. Cycling – 6 hours   (OK….?)

5. Administrating the Freeconomy website – 15 hours – (there’s a movement to build)

6. Organising social evenings -2.5 hours (the guy’s phone is incoming only – what does he use – a carrier pigeon?)

7. Eating – 8 hours (that’s 20 minutes per meal – he should chew more slowly)

8. Writing – 20.5 hours – (the guy has a book proposal to sell – hence the web site)

9. Washing myself -45 mins (don’t stand to close) –

10. Growing food – 27 hours(so that’s why he doesnt get much sleep)

11. Foraging – 4 hours (if he foraged more, maybe he could grow less food)

12 Gathering and chopping wood – 1 hour (work, work, work – that’s all you do)

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13. Washing clothes – 1.5 hours  (maybe he should just shower with his clothes on)

14. Making soap – 15 mins (is that all?)

15. Working for food – 9 hours(hang on – if you’re working then its not free, is it?)

16. Spending time with loved ones and friends – 9 hours (they’re grateful its not more)

17. Media Interviews — 3 hours (bet you wish it was more)

18. Meetings – 3 hours (is that working or just meeting?)

19. Reading – 5 hours (read faster and it would take you less time, buddy)

20. Contemplating – 2 hours (ommmm……….)

21. Working out – 3 hrs – (doesn’t working out count as working?)

22. All other stuff – 4 hours (4 hours going to the toilet?)

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