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Christmas, the time for peace, harmony, generosity….. oh, and stress over-eating and relentless retail mania. Adopting some trees for Christmas might be a way out of the seasonal gift dilemma.

Film-maker Barney Snow and photographer Bridget Smith just gave Off-Grid Editor, Nick Rosen, 50 trees in Honduras from for his birthday present, and now he says he is re-gifting them to all his relatives, one tree at a time, “with enough left over for next year.” As he says: “Christmas tree sorted. Christmas sorted.”

We are not talking the non-drop, fir variety here, of course, but Rainforest hardwood. This is not an appeal to buy mahogany toilet seats for Christmas presents either. But wouldn

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3 Responses to “Instead of a Christmas tree, buy 50”

  1. JennyB

    Cool post, Lilac.

    Hope you don’t mind – I wanted to share your information and two days ago I posted it with a political group I belong to. Yesterday a friend spent $100 on trees as a result. :D I’m getting some too.

  2. Nick Rosen

    This post was quite nice. Appreciate it, keep up the work.

  3. Nick Rosen

    This should appear in forum