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[before_listing id=235 images= youtube=null] Over the past few years I’ve been gathering the tools/knowledge to live of the grid, i.e;

Wilderness Survival
Permaculture farming
medicines in the wild

What’s stopping me is a lack of land to do this more productively/legally and also the lack of company to do it with..the solitude being the biggest obstacle.[landbuddy_listing id=235 images= youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “A better way”

  1. Can

    hey Lou, I am Interested to try this offgrid small farmhouse. If you find location and interested to share ownership keep me informed

  2. Lau

    Hi everyone,
    I would like to purchase some land to build an off grid living space (Probably a trailer) with 5-10 animals and a few gardens, I plan to have a solar electric system and a rain water collection system. I am looking to purchase a good piece of land at a good price with a group of 4-12 people. If 8 people invest 3000 we would have 24000 to buy a nice piece of land where we can build our off grid homes with like-minded neighbors.
    I would like to do this 2.5 hours in any direction of Guelph ON.
    Have a nice day

  3. Curtisturner

    Hey Dmitri i am very interested in the Peterborough area and i am in contact with 2 others that are interested as well here is my email please get back to me and let me know what your plan is thanks Curtis.

  4. mikewilson

    Brother… we are neighbors! I am also stacked with survival and off the grid information. Are you still looking for companionship in planning? I do not have land to do it on, but we can take one step at a time I guess. Drop me an email….

  5. Dmitri

    Great connection, but New Mexico is a bit far. We’re currently looking in the Peterborough area if anyone is interested.

  6. refuge2012

    We have land in sunny New Mexico, and are forming a community. Please contact us at or view our website,

  7. darren2980

    hi lessermsytery i would luv 2 build an eco village. i like 2 learn more about wat u want 2 do and where your land is ?

  8. lessermsytery

    Hi there. Maybe we could talk a bit more? You have knowledge and skills, I have land! I need the former, you need the latter! How do you feel about helping to build an eco villiage? I hope to learn more about you skills, and how you came by them.

    • Nick Rosen

      Hi Lessermystery – remember to register yourself on LandBuddy – so others can easily find you and contact you – tell us as much about yourself as possible and about the kind of land you are planning to buy