[before_listing id=406 images= youtube=null] Going Off-Grid…currently a once thriving tobacco farm that we’re renovating (slowly) in need of help in the gardens and with the animals in exchange for a place to live and some food…a going commune…but am done with those under 25 who come and then do little if anything…need Doers not dreamers and talkers…beautiful area among the amish farms of Virginia’s southern Piedmont between Richmond and Raleigh…have a large beautiful but as yet unfinished cabin…a sharecropper’s shack…a pop-up trailer…and an old house used mainly for storage…John (GoldMiningGuy) is renovating a shorty school bus as living acommodations…sandra the farm owner offering a place to live and some food in exchange for 15 solid hours in the gardens helping with specialty crops that she has a buyer for…just not the help to get it done this year….and some help feeding and watering Sicilian Donkeys and chickens and Penny the rescue horse. Going off-grid but still has phone and internet and limited electricity…an RVer with a smaller rig would be welcome. Prefer nobody under 25 as they all drift off to the city lights and don’t get it when it comes time to get up early and work in the gardens for a couple hours a day! She also has little side businesses on eBay and etsy and flea market selling. [landbuddy_listing id=406 youtube=null]

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