This is a family inheritance from several generations ago, the land is for agriculture and used to be used to graze sheep in the 19th Century.

Now it remains largely unused. It is a massive bit of land just outside from the main town of Astakos.

We are open to ideas and proposals for the land though neither of us has plans to live in that area, on the west coast of Greece, though it is nice.

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15 Responses to “800 Hectare Land in Greece”

  1. suthida senachum

    HI, so me and my partner both 20, are and have been looking into living alongside and with nature through off grid living for just over 2 years now. I spend all my time researching ideas on DIYS composting toilets, showers etc and even a biodigester! we are both young and full of hard working energy and currently reside in the UK where it is very restricting towards van life and off griders hence why I am looking to start all over and find a nice location to learn permaculture etc. My boyfriends is a laborer and carpenter he is vet skilful in the art of eco building and me I love plants gardening and just the stillness of nature herself. please get in contact if this is still an offer you’d like to continue with. Sending love and Abundance

  2. lisa

    Is this still available. We a small group of Christians are seeking for a place to crash which is quiet and peacefull. We would like to plant trees and create a little paradise there.

    Warm regards,


  3. gregorb

    hi im into healing the human body with regenerative detoxification i have some ideas if you could email me gregbraniff1987@outlook.com

  4. Mister secret

    Hello is there a way that i could reach you Bezdomny? I would Wanna pitch a tipi at your lands if its okey Get back at me please?

  5. Daniel

    Hello my name is Daniel. I am Swiss and have studied environmental engeneering (spec. organic agriculture). Is your adversement still valid? If so, it would be great to receive further informations. Greetings Daniel

  6. tim wells

    We run a 15 acre eco project in essex uk hosting volunteers . We could establish this at your property. Regards Tim

  7. Matthew Novak

    Hello there. We are in terested to build off grid comunity in Europe with focus on Earthship buildings. Earthship inspired farm projects. We belive Greece would be the best country for it to go as an example to the rest of the EU countries. There is much more information and discusion about that so If you find this interesting please let us know.
    Thank you for your time.

  8. Luke


    I have just spent the last 3 years starting and running a small democratic free school in the South Of Spain. We are situated in an off grid community in the mountains. I am now working towards passing this project on and moving onwards myself. I anticipate this taking about a year from now. I am considering working towards starting a similar project to help unaccompanied minors. Obviously a huge and complex undertaking but for sure a worthwhile one. Would this be something you would be interested in exploring?

  9. Bezdomny

    Hello Jay, Itai, just posting here that I’ve email both people back now.

  10. Jay

    Email me back- i have a few questions about the place.I am sure ill hit the max character limit when i get mid sentence.

  11. Caduceus

    If you’re not living or planning to live there, IMO it would be hard to get anything going, easiest would be to rent it out to a local farmer.
    If you’re willing to invest time and some money you could go in the Permaculture direction, no till, self sustaining, but this will always require some presence at certain times, so it depends on how often you can attend to it, or if you can find someone to do it for you.

    I’m looking for some help designing/creating my Permaculture Paradise near Thessaloniki, where/how can i contact you?

  12. Itai

    I am a permaculture practitioner looking for some land (generally). Currenetly in greece (chilling in ikaria) and looking at the possibuility of settling…
    Would be great if you can e mail me more info about you and the properly, perhaps we can meet up and i can help out (food forest deaigner, agriculture, permaculture) would be happy to teach/learn/connect and share! (:

  13. Bezdomny

    Hi Luke, no one is living there at the moment, it has a water source. It was originally grazing land for sheep, but during the last century was converted into agricultural land and has some irrigation systems existing.

  14. Luke

    Sounds fantastic. Is there a water supply? Are you established there at the present time?

    • Fanny


      Is there anyone still in connection with the writer of the announce? Is it still available?