Located 10 miles outside of Senoia Ga. 30276 “Home of the Walking Dead show” and 45 minutes South of the Atlanta Airport we are an 8 acre property currently serviced with electricity and a deep working well and has at the moment a 10 x 18 foot tiny home on the property.  We are looking to use the farm to develop an intentional community for people with their own tiny homes or yurts to set-up on.  The property is basically a bare canvas for the potential group to grow crops, raise goats, chickens, build an acre pond for fish- the possibilities are unlimited in which the community could sustain itself.  The tenant would need to contribute a minimal monthly fee that would cover the utilities and go towards improvements and costs.  (between 300-400 per month)  A little about my wife and I, we are Yogi Christians, who practice Kriya Yoga as it was given to the West by Paramahana Yogananda and made popular by his book An Autobiography of a Yogi, Please google search ” 26th chapter of Autobiography of a yogi, the Science of Kriya Yoga” if you would like to learn more about our practice.  Our philosophy is not to impose our beliefs on anyone, but if anyone is interested in our practices we are happy to share with them.  So- while this lifestyle may not be the calling of everyone, if you see the sense in freeing up yourself and living more simply, please consider being part of our start-up community.

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