I have to be brutally honest here, I am generally against squatters, particularly if it is on private land, I have lots of reasons, but the biggest reason is all too often, squatters tend not to be careful or respectful of the property, trashing it, sometimes doing other illegal things there and the such. But when I read this story, I was blown away.

Image from http://madriverunion.com/cabin-discovered-in-arcata-community-forest/

Image from http://madriverunion.com/cabin-discovered-in-arcata-community-forest/

This was the first time I thought, “Why not leave them alone?”. They aren’t hurting anyone, their camp was clean, apparently not even a trail in the surrounding area was created by this mystery person. As always there is more than one side to such stories, upon reading further, I did learn that there was potential for this person to be injured or even killed because trees were being marked to be cut down, as well camouflaged as the cabin was, there was the possibility of a tree falling on the cabin.

Image from http://madriverunion.com/cabin-discovered-in-arcata-community-forest/

Here’s the story, a forest ranger stumbled upon this well hidden and tidy cabin while marking trees to be cut down. No one was home (Goldilocks anyone?), he left an eviction notice on the door, about 2 weeks later, he revisited the cabin, it was clear that things were being moved out, the following day the site was clear, cleaned and near pristine, no clear trails were visible from this person. The only thing that was left was an international squatters symbol created from charcoal that means a squatter was here, created a living space, then moved on.

Image from http://madworldnews.com/forest-ranger-hidden-cabin-woods/



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