I recently purchased 5 acres with amazing views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains and nearby lake.  The location is relatively remote, with small towns nearby and larger Pueblo just 1 hour and 40 minutes away.  

My goals are to build an earth-sheltered, super adobe round house and straw bale addition.  I would also like to build multiple geodesic dome greenhouses and utilize wind turbine, solar and rain water catchment.

Before the home building, a water cistern and concrete septic must be installed.  I have the permits and just need to start the work.  I am open to others purchasing partial ownership or to using sweat equity for access.  

I’m open to offers, let’s talk ……

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20 Responses to “5 acres to share with right person/people”

  1. Wesley Barnett

    Would love to be a part of this have basic knowledge in earthdomes and carpentry. Have many ideas helping hands and good people . Contact me via email .

  2. Sandy444

    I am interested as well. Please keep me posted.

  3. ATISH


  4. Corey

    yup im with it ..sound like the life.. I’m willing to set up a half/half payment in labor and “America dollars”

  5. Joe

    Hello, I am interested on joining your effort. i did help with Estancia Earthship, work and took some clases with Mr Khalili (before he died) and Iliona at Hesperia California (Ecodome) and I would like to be considered for this group. Together we can create more and better than isolated. Where at is your location? ph #5052276679

  6. Rafael Gutierrez

    I’m interested, 23yrs of military service, hard worker with family.

  7. Leslie Isgrigg

    This issue is pretty poor.
    All sales, no substance, is it time to move on.
    Few good grid / off – grid publications (web, email, or otherwise)

    Good luck with your off grid co-habitation project.

  8. clarence stumbo

    im interested in moving to your off-grid farm. i have been studying off grid tech for over ten years and see myself as a self-taught expert. i am willing to trade labor for a place to build my own off grid place. i have knowledge in power generation, recycling, reusing, farming techniques including aquaponics. if you are interested in my labor i am willing to trade my knowledge and labor for a place of my own. please feel free to contact me via email or phone. 6064710179

  9. thomas o hammill

    same ideal /dream , like this , and may move to their if things go well moving from syracuse ny.

  10. Leslie

    I’m interested in learning more. Will be traveling to Taos this year, and can meet in person to discuss more details. Please email me with any additional information…

  11. Quintin

    This is the exact opportunity I’ve been searching for with the exact same goals I would like to achieve I’m really interested in the sweat equity please contact me at earliest convenience, looking forward to speaking with you and hopefully working something out

  12. David

    I am very interested in the sweat equity proposal. I am extremely able to do whatever is required. Please email me so we can discuss this.

  13. Maria

    Hi I would be interested in finding out more please.

  14. Mike

    I am an architect and working on a friends total off grid net zero (completely solar/wind and heavily passive) 40 acre project with a permaculture greenhouse for his food source in AZ … something I am very interested in doing myself but with access to the Denver/ CO Springs market for consultants for my practice … it would be nice to talk and see if there may be a nice opportunity for us both … look forward to your contact

  15. Sonny abed ☺

    Hey there, sounds like a righteous project…been spending winters in costa rica and summers in canada. Generally a transient with a good work ethic and strong back looking to help people like you in exchange for experience food and shelter…will be coming down your way late August or early September. Best of luck ☺

  16. Greg

    I too am interested in your offer. I’ve been wanting to do something like this myself for years now.

  17. Anthony

    I am interested. I was planning on picking up some land perhaps down near For Garland. Your off grid description is what I had in mind as well.

  18. David Webster

    Could you send me a few photos of the land and the views? I would love to see them. Thanks! Dave Webster

  19. Jimmy

    Hello there.. I am also buying property in the general area.. perhaps we can help each other out.

  20. Jento

    Hi im interested in your offer and want to know a little about you… Ive always wanted to live off grid.