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This truly beautiful 15-hectare (38 acres) property on a mountain top in the Andes near the small town of La Paz Ecuador, has valleys and smooth expanses where you can walk for hours and continually discover new landscapes. Create your own community with friends, family or like-minded individuals who are looking to enjoy their lives unrestricted and on their own terms, the property could easily be sold by the acre or hectare to interested parties as there would be no restrictions or costs owing to the municipality of Nabon. Totally off-grid with a rain-water collection system, solar panels and wind turbines that provide more than enough energy for the two completed adobe-style houses, this property has views of the surrounding valleys and an unlimited expanse of a starry night sky that will literally take your breath away. La Paz, in the canton of Nabon, is located approximately 1 hour south of Cuenca on the Pan American highway on the way to Loja, with a population of approximately 800. There are open markets on Sundays when the local people bring a wide variety of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables to market. Also located in the town are various small businesses: a barber shop, several fully-stocked hardware stores, restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores, as well as a dental office and a doctor`s office. The city of Nabon is only 30 minutes from La Paz and has a new, fully-equipped Medical Centre staffed with well-trained doctors to handle any emergency. The canton`s Government Centre is also located in Nabon. The growing season is year-round, with an average high temperature of 25°C (78°F), and an average low temperature of 15°C (60°F). The average rainfall from January to June is approximately 30mm, with a lesser precipitation of 10mm in the months from July to December.



The property is located 10 minutes off the Pan American highway and 15 minutes from the town of La Paz on the historical Cuenca-Loja road (original Inca Trail). It is set majestically in the Andes at an elevation of 3,200 meters (10,500 feet). There are 12,000 mature (15+ years) pine trees, and views of the Yungilla Valley, Cochaseca, La Paz and the Pacific Ocean on a clear day.



 The property is 15 hectares (38 acres).



• Landscape: There are two mountain peaks on the property, but most of the terrain is gently sloping, with a few deeper ravines that add beauty, depth and diversity to the property.

• Soil Conditions: The soil on the property and in the entire area is extremely fertile and favorable for planting. There is an abundance of bedrock for stable infrastructure, and rich, black soil to a depth of 1m.



There are two move-in ready Santa Fe-style adobe houses on the property. Each house has multiple skylights and wrap-around safety windows (8mm) to view the spectacular landscape. Both houses were designed by North Americans and built with North American details in mind. The picture windows closest to the entrances have decorative, wrought-iron bars in place for added security. The roofs of both houses have a water-proof membrane, and the ceilings in each house are comprised of bamboo and pine logs.


• House 1: 15m X 12m (1,937 ft. sq. main floor) has an open floor plan and a pizza oven in the kitchen area. The bathroom includes a shower and a double Jacuzzi tub. This house also has a semi-finished room in the basement, with roughed-in plumbing and large windows. In addition, there are 2 screen doors that could be put on the balcony.


• House 2: 20m X 12m (2,583 ft. sq. main floor) consists of 4 large rooms including an adjoining Master bath to the Master bedroom with a shower and Jacuzzi tub. The Social bathroom includes a shower and bathtub. There is space on the roof for the construction of 2 more bedrooms. This house also has a semi-finished basement area, with a completed room and roughed-in electrical. Included with this house is a refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer, chest freezer and microwave – all electric. There are also 3 additional light fixtures to go into the house – the dining room area, over the kitchen sink and one for the master bedroom.

• Electrical: There are 10 solar panels and 2 wind generators, including 40 batteries and a 5kw inverter which produce 20+ kwH per day. Each house contains 220v wiring for a clothes dryer and a stove, and 110v wiring for all other appliances. There are also many electrical outlets in each room, and electrical outlets on the roof of House 2 for the future construction of extra bedrooms.


• Assets on the Property: The property contains two insulated 40-foot sea containers: one has built-in shelving, and both have refrigeration capability that can be utilized for storage or food refrigeration. The containers are spaced 9m apart, providing a workspace between them. Situated between the containers is a tent that measures 6m x 8m that can be employed for housing, a work space or as a greenhouse.


• Water Wells: There are two water wells that are gravity fed from underground sources, and two diesel generators that will manually send the water from the main well to the three anti-bacterial Rotoplas 2500-liter tanks on the top of the mountain. The water is then gravity-fed to the houses. The purity of the water is exceptional due to the high mountain elevation.


• Additional Water Available: Covering both sea containers is one fiberglass roof with gutters that acts as a rainwater collection system to feed the water into two anti-bacterial 2500-liter Rotoplas tanks. The weekly surplus of water is then sent to the Rotoplas tanks on the top of the mountain via an electric pump.



Public Road Accessing the Property: From the Cuenca-Loja road, there is an access road to the property. This road is in good condition and is shared only by several neighboring properties. Although these neighboring properties have owners, they are never there as they live elsewhere, so any “exercises” on the property or neighboring properties would go unobserved.


• Private Road Accessing the Property: At the entrance to the property is a secure gated-entry with an internal loop road leading to the houses on the top of the mountain.


There is an internet tower on the property mountain peak as well as a full cell phone signal of G4 bandwidth.




Other assets that may be included with the property:

 • chain saw

• power washer

 • Diesel generators (2)

• short-wave radio

 • water-testing kit

• space heater with 4 propane tanks

• concrete blocks for future building – approx. 1,000 

• heritage and organic seeds from North America – flowers, herbs, vegetables


This serene, peaceful mountain property is a land developer`s dream. Land subdivisions are inexpensive and relatively uncomplicated due to a recent survey plat map of the property and a legal land title, allowing for the possibility to subdivide for view lots or completed homes.

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