My wife and I are both 34 years old. We are about to be 35 this year. we have both often felt like we were born in the wrong time. We enjoy being outdoors. Some of my favorite hobbies are hunting camping and shooting. For the most part my wife enjoys the same. We are both in very good physical shape and have recently been looking more and more into going off the grid. We have worked very hard to get to where we are today. Neither one of us come from money and for the most part we just have each other. About three years ago I started working for local government. Prior to this I have always worked construction as a carpenter or a stonemason. This career change really opened my eyes to how insane and nonsensical the world we live in was. Before long my wife ended up graduating from college and ended up in a similar job. She also realized much of the same. The way that our society lives is unsustainable and completely out of touch with reality. We are really looking to get back in touch with nature and not scared to get our hands dirty. My wife is also an exceptional gardener and even though we live in a small apartment has a flourishing vegetable garden in what used to be our driveway. We both absolutely love to be outdoors. We don’t really fit in with most other people our age and of our professions. We seem to be more in touch with the big picture. Hopefully one day we will find the right people to connect with or be in a position to do it for ourselves. However, recent changes in society and the world we live in have brought about a greater sense of urgency. We are hoping to find some other individuals and get started. As I said we are both very hard workers and not afraid to get our hands dirty.I’m hoping that the right person encounters this post and reaches out. we both are skilled in many areas and have a lot to offer. Feel free to email me hopefully we can chat some more and get to know each other. Obviously this is a huge commitment and we are definitely going to be picky about finding the right people. I think we’re ready. I would give it all up in a heartbeat for the right opportunity. Thank you for your time and reading this.

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6 Responses to “34yo Couple ready for change”

  1. Qwent91

    Hey there. My name is Quentin.

    I will love to get in contact with the both of you to talk.

    My email is

  2. Jill

    I live in Abingdon with my 21 year old son and am so depressed about the world right now. It’s becoming far too authoritarian and i really don’t want to be a part of contact tracing, immunity passports and all this loss of freedom and privacy. I’m selling my house and hoping to join some sort of community but don’t know where to start.

    • Joao Correia

      Hello Jill, I think I know how you feel lots of people are feeling exactly the same way but there is light in the end of the tunnel
      I´m in Uk at the moment been here for 9 years, I do want to go somewhere else in the begining of 2021, I´ve some quite interesting ideas, if you still interested just reach out so we can talk about future developments

      Kind regards

      • Iansharp

        Hello, I’m in UK also (Glasgow). I had planned on moving this year, then all this happened. I had been looking at Bulgaria and Serbia simply as the prices are cheaper and I thought the 5g infrastructure would be less well developed in those countries. Now I’m not sure what to do and trying to find others to see what they are planning. It looks like building a community with others is the right way forward. I am a landscaper/builder, though I’ve spent the last 10 years building community projects and teaching gardening to people with a variety of conditions. I’d be interested in hearing of any possible developments or opportunities. Thanks

  3. Heather Magee & Paul Swanson

    Left you a PM. Let us know you got it. Our 350 acres in Hebron await…

  4. Gen Agustsson

    i agree how we just live in this nonsensical world but i can manage to get out of this mess