I’ve been wanting to live off grid, do permaculture, and live very simply for a long time. I do not want to do it alone however. I live and work in Raleigh NC, although I am able to work remotely too. I’d like to live off grid with another person or folks not too far from Raleigh NC, or in South Carolina near the Greer/Greenville/Spartanburg area. I’m also open to Asheville, NC and the surrounding area too potentially. Other locations outside of these areas would require a lot of thought on my part for a variety of reasons.

I’m very accepting of all people no matter your sexuality, gender or gender identity, race, religious or political beliefs. I’m all about community as well, as long as people give back in return and are responsible and live within the boundaries of the law. I’m a Catholic Christian and fairly liberal in my political outlook, but I’m no extremist and I’m also a former soldier too. In general, I’m a pretty complex person yet easy to get along with.

I’d love to meet others who are interested in living in a similar way, or to help people who are currently living this way, and learn skills from you as well in return!

I’d also be fine with potentially moving in or around Asheville, NC but that would take some preparation on my part that could take a few months for me to move.

The only major reasons why I haven’t done this on my own so far is because of the following:

– I want to make sure I can support myself financially (either through my savings or through doing work I enjoy that I could do for a long time to come while living off the grid) for the rest of my life. I have enough to where I think I would probably be fine, but I would probably still want to augment what I have through work I enjoy that I do throughout the year. What that would be I have no idea, but maybe something connected to permaculture or something like that. 

– I do not want to do this alone. I strongly believe in the importance of community and having other like minded people involved together. I’m pretty extroverted and I enjoy the company of others. I couldn’t imagine doing this alone, and if I ever got to be very old, I’d be concerned for my safety too. Having a community that we can all turn to and depend on and give back to is pretty important to me.

– I would prefer that I wasn’t too far from my parents (who live in Greenville, SC). So that I can visit them from time to time and spend time with them as necessary, especially as they get older. I know I won’t have them with me forever, so this is pretty important to me. I’m not saying I won’t consider moving to the other end of the country, but I would have to really think about that hard before I said yes.

Anyways if you’ve made it this far you should probably at least e-mail me and say hello. My e-mail is ishila@protonmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you! :)  My photo is pretty current (I have a mustache as of this writing though)


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2 Responses to “30 yr old able bodied, former military, in good financial shape, wanting community near Raleigh or Northwestern SC”

  1. Dovely

    Hey neighbor. I’m in Reidsville at the moment. Have you made any progress since your post? If you want to do any networking give me a shout. You can check out my new post too. Wanted homesteadin, off gridding, sustainable living partner. The place I found is out of your comfort zone but you may know someone who is interested.


    Sounds like you are starting the path I did in 2008. The whole off the grid thing. Everyones definition of off grid is different. And in most counties across the US the zoning dept laws and regulations make it so that you cannot be a soverign free person upon your land.
    Off-grid can be just self sustaining power, heat, food storage, medicinal plants, gardening and animals.
    Or it can go even deeper. Getting out of the beast system. This is hard. Out of Banks and out of the wireless social media spying infrastructure web we all willingly joined. Leaving a 9-5 to.start your own thing in the cash world can be scary. Pulling out of banking and the chipped card system and debt masters is hard too.

    Go another layer into offgrid and leaving the beast system. The spiritual level. At first you are seeking to leave the rat race. You see or maybe feel the world is not right. You want something different. You start down the road of prepping and preparing all the physical things. Permaculture, food storage, survival skills. That group of like minded people who have all skill sets and will look after each other. Community. Where it has taken me and many others is to a spiritual awakening. Awakening of the spirit and bringing us back to God the father, the one and only creator.

    Good luck on your journey.