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I had so much fun watching this couple condense a 30 day conversion into a short video, as I saw each part, I thought that’s just how I would want to do it myself! I am not familiar with a “Sprinter Van”, but it’s a wonderful size for this purpose, it’s compact enough that parking will not be a problem, it is not going to look like people are camping or living in it, so it’s perfect for stealth camping in town. It looks very presentable, from the outside it looks like just a normal van, nothing that would draw attention.

Being smaller, it does not have any sort of bathroom facilities, no dedicated toilet, no shower area, but it does have everything else one would need. I love the couch that converts into a bed, the design for that is so ingenious, it is well insulated. The kitchen looks great, I LOVE the deep sink, so often in van conversions, the sink tends to be very undersized, especially in the depth, this sink does not have that issue. The tiles look good, but that is the one area I would have deviated, mainly because of the weight it adds and it’s not flexible, I wonder if it will eventually crack or tiles start popping out, hopefully not, but with all the movement, vibration and flexing, I don’t have much faith in it to maintain integrity.

The way they permanently mounted the Vitamix mixer is ingenious! It looks great, will not move around and is usable in place. The rest of the kitchen is equally well done. Watch the videos and enjoy, the first video is an overview, if you want to see more details, watch the rest of the videos in the series.



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