My name is Billy, and my family relocated here 3 years ago and set up our homestead. Along the way, we acquired an extra 3.89 acre property nearby in a trade. We really have no use for the land ourselves, and would really love to see another similar minded family be able to move to the area. We are not looking or willing to relocate to anywhere else. I’ve put some details below. Feel free to ask anything about the area you want to know.

3.89 Acres of raw land. Power is very close by, or solar ratings are very good. Water would need to be provided by well or rain catchment (buyer’s responsibility). Reservoir for fishing or boating 7 miles away. Land is located 5 miles north west of the town of Newcastle, UT. Popular area for farming and off-grid living. Taxes are current. No requirements for building. For building codes, check with Iron County Utah. Buyer should do own due diligence.

Beryl, UT, Iron County
Parcel # E-1373-0102-0000
2014 property taxes: $46.42
Legal Description: Lots 7&8, BLK A, Green Valley Acres, Unit 2

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2 Responses to “3.89 acres in farming area”

  1. jacob

    HI. I currently live in central IL, but have been researching properties/area/building code laws now, as im looking to purchase land somewhere I can live off grid in an earthen home and practice a lot of old ways.
    IM wondering if this land is still available?

  2. JamieUK

    Hey Billy, Hope you are well.

    I was just wondering whether the land is still available? I’m based in England, and currently have an extensive allotment, however am looking to extend to a homestead and complete off-the-grid lifestyle.

    As a carpenter, I’m very capable of designing and building, and my practical living skills allow me to live off the land and from natural resources.

    Living off-the-grid in England isn’t an option, as whatever land is available, is swiftly ear-marked for redevelopment of houses. Likewise, obtaining permission to live off the grid is near impossible.

    I would be keen to discuss options with you, and potentially come to an agreement with you and your family.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind Regards,