Like many of my generation, I’ve come to the conclusion that the system as it stands is not for me, or for humanity in the long term. I studied environmental science at Uni, then spent the next decade ignoring my degree and picking up every useful skills I could think of. I have a lot of skills, can work with leather, wood, foam, plastic. Can put together simple electric systems, know enough about mechanics to fix most problems you’d get with a car. I’m a practiced seamstress; I can make you anything out of fabric, and a practiced blacksmith, fabricator and welder; make all your tools, and I’ll do it out of scrap metal and all. I’m currently building planters and growing seedlings of various food plants, which was the next skill on my list to teach myself. 

I am a keen environmental scientist, and thus being environmentally friendly is about as important as anything would be that insured the survival of my species. I’m also not fond of money, and am keen to build a life that needs as little of it as possible. 

Thanks for reading, and if you’re interested in growing food, building environmentally friendly tech and enjoying the time we get to exist, get in touch. 


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3 Responses to “29 years old in the UK. Seeking community or like minded people to start one.”

  1. Hannah

    Hey! I’d love to buy land myself and live in a cabin away from the money driven lifestyle and values. Just finances though. I don’t think that ‘normality’ reflects what we need in human nature at all.

  2. Qwent91

    Hello there.

    My name is Quentin. I feel the same way more or less… This system or “society” isn’t for me and I really can’t function in it all that much… I’m 28 years old and I’m in the US currently… I’ve been seeking to join intentional communities across the states and I have been to quite a handful… Trying to learn as much as a I can for about a decade but I’m still at a “novice” level more or less… Been trying to reach out to as much people as I can so I can meet like minded people along with wanting to start our own community together for I haven’t been going to the wrong places and people in my traveling…

    I’m not fond of money either and want to rely less on it as much as possible…

    Either way, if you’re interested in talking further with me my email is and my phone number is 541-654-7108. Will love to hear from you and all that… See where things go…

    Thanks for reading too and hope you’re well…

    Take care.

  3. Michel

    I already tried sending you a private message but i’m not sure it reached you so i’ll try a reply as well.
    Where were you thinking of going off the grid?