My name is Jared, on my path of spiritual enlightenment iv discovered that living off-grid completely independent from using anything the system has to offer by just living off natural resources from what mother earth offers us is the Healthiest, Most Rewarding, and Freeing way of living there is. I’m looking for like minded individuals to start building an off-grid community/ tribe to teach and share our knowledge and skills on living off grid/spirituality and this lifestyle. I want to live outdoors in a tent, build gardens, collect natural water, build structures like cabins and possibly get power from solar panels to have electricity and internet. I am more and more everyday getting tuned into my spirit and this is what i’m being pulled to do because i know in the long run this will be the way to be completely free and to survive as free spirited souls in these human bodies. I do have a unique perspective on life concerning the system and being off grid I’m looking to start running with it and building with it just need some help. My financial situation is tight but i am rich in spiritual currency energy and love. I’m open to relocating even just testing the waters on different land on the weekends until a full transition is made. Thanks for reading peace and love

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5 Responses to “25yo,white,fit,woke,vegetarian male looking into living off-grid”

  1. Dr Dew

    Hey Jared, my name is Chad. I’m in a similar situation. Where are you currently located? I’m living in Gilbert, AZ right now. I have access to raw desert without power or water in southern AZ and in southern CA. The dream would be to drill a well and grow lots a produce. Create an oasis in the desert. The long term plan would be to have 20+ people living out there.

  2. Sherri Faust

    The place in the picture looks like heaven to me! I’m not even too stuck on electricity! It’s nice, but hey, how long did humans go without it? I am unafraid of hard work, and I am seeking a place off grid ASAP as I have worked as a pharmacist for too many years. Corporate America just exhausts me at this point. I don’t have much money at this point because I just don’t have anywhere to go, and motels are $$$ even if they are dumps! I have two highly intelligent, leash trained, SWEETHEART cats (both about 5yo) that come with me. I have veterinary, medicine, and pharmacy experience in spades. I also do herbal medication (studied botany) as much as possible since big pharma makes me want to vomit. I am fit, mostly a vegetarian (can be full on vegan), laid back, also woke . . I like to work hard and laugh (humor includes witty banter, sarcasm, cynicism. . all kinds of humor) while doing it. Everyone thinks I look and maybe act like Sandra Bullock although she is quite a bit older . . Ya gotta love her though, right? I take it as a compliment. I’m not a come in and take charge bully type. Hell, I’ve had to live through enough years of that in corporate America! I just want to live a nice, low key, simple life with others that want to do the same. I think I would be a good addition because I am a healer of animals and people. And hey, I can do pretty much anything else if someone teaches me. I am definitely not a snob or a prima Donna! I’m selling everything I own this week cause I can’t take much with me in my little sports car. I would love to hear your ideas! —Sherri 843-860-7057

  3. Rhonda Triggs

    Hi, Jared, my cousin lives in Belize in a vegan community that seems similar to what you are describing. Might be worth looking into… The residents all have skills that they share and take care of each other in the community.
    Good luck!