[before_listing images= youtube=null] Hello, My name is Kevin and I am 22 years old. I have always had the desire to live off the land in some sort of community(like in the movie “The Beach”)
It’s more of the sense of community and closeness I am looking for. I want a good group of people that actually care about the well being of others, with a sense of morality.
The tropical island thing is important to me. I do not like the cold and I believe my skills would be better on an island. I have been a landscaper for the past two and a half years, but as it turns out.. I got laid off. I would like to take my skills that I have acquired and some of others and become a self sufficient community.
I have been looking at islands a little bit and am trying to settle on one. I know there is some untouched land out there, I just need to find it.
I’m not the richest guy in the world, but I am willing to travel at any means. I don’t have much, but with what I do have, I’m not so attached. I have a place in my head of a bamboo village with livestock and a nice garden. I know it’s not easy to do this, but I am willing to strive for it.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “22 m, able bodied”

  1. HEATH H

    I want in, i want a simple life growing up on a farm was the best time then we move to the city -_-
    I need to get out of this place and away from my family which kick me out, i have knowledge of working and feeding on the farm i am a hard worker and i also have some basic carpenter experience. email me heathbar64@gmail.com
    ps– i am 18 too so i am young and strong

  2. s

    I have 6 acres in SE Arizona, 12 miles from Mexico and 12 miles from Bisbee AZ. small fee for land use/work/trade.Its mostly artist/diverse people looking to create a creative off grid space. I’m not a “end of world” off grid crazy person.I’m not stocking up on food and water. Property has 2 well. solar pump.
    Small vintage trailer is open for work/live.
    oil lamps.wood heat. propane stove. small solar system.
    very funky and off the beaten path, but 15 miles away from Douglas AZ and Bisbee Az.
    willing to chat with others who need support or love the desert.


  3. cornfed

    PS: Would be nice to own some land, but more and more I come to realize than no one realy owns land , as the man still makes the rules at the end of the day. The way I see it is what good is paying for something if you cant do what you want on it without the local or federal government dictating what you can and cant do. Ownership is over rated and over priced for something I feel should be free in the firts place. We’re all born to the planet, why on Earth should we have to pay for a piece of it.. Am I right or what?

  4. cornfed

    you have exactly the right idea, and I say this because its what I did, bought a camper and all the basic life suport equipment to be as self reliant as possible. Im on my second year living in the RV, and like I posted above,spent all winter out in southwest Az, which was nothing short of awesome and also free, other than the cost of gas to get there. What better way to start thinking about a change of location and lifestyle, than to have a home and everything you need ,on wheels. Just seemed to be a no brainer to me anyway:) I’ve been trying to organize a group whom agree with this concept, has the mindset to advance on idea, and have the means to be realistic about it, one step at a time. Touch base with me, just may be worth while. Strength in numbers, the right numbers = power to get it done! Cheers guys

  5. cornfed

    Just read your post,and seems we’re on the same path. My girlfriend and I, are also looking to organize with a good peaceful group in an off grid way. There is much we can bring to a table,including a camper, money, power equipment , tools , most everything needed to get started:) its just been a matter of finding the right people. We’ve been off grid somewhat by ourselves for two years now in a camper, and looking to step it up a few notches with something more communal. Feel free to touch base with an email. Cheers and best wishes ( tg2lynch@yahoo.com) Where are ya all located??

    PS: tropical Island is an awesome idea, but owning the land is going to be very costly. Ya know theres tons of land in the southwest anyone can use for free, and made for a perfect way to test the ropes so to speak. I camped out right on the Colorado river bank in Az all winter long without a single hassle. We’re talking fishing, tons of game birds, River for clean water which is also perfect for keeping cool in summer, and a small town only 8 miles away for needed suplies. Anyway, just an example of realistic easy options for getting started. The best part ,Totaly free

  6. mts

    hi,i myself agree with both of you im a 21 male im more then willing to do what ever it takes i see off grid as THE ONLY way to live we wont be able to live the life our parents had/have anyway theres just not enough oil and the our country is turning to say the very lest but yes as tg put it where do we go now? the island this sounds amazing but thats a lot of cash and alot of time i’d like to get this done buy the end of the year i’ve been working and saving..buy an rv.im getting a 5th wheeler and hooking it up to be an off grid home i believe thats the quickest way

  7. tg

    i am thinking the same exact thing as you. same age, 22, and just wanting to live the “simple life” (even though it would literally be more work than the real world, i know it would be so much more rewarding). i have recently been laid off as a construction worker/basement remodeling so i know how to get my hands dirty. i am an avid backpacker and love the outdoors, and the ides of “the beach” movie is exactly what i long for. where do we go from here?