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I currently live in Rochester Hills, MI and i know for a fact that thi isnt what mankind was set on this earth for. I want to live with all living orgnisms as equals. I dont believe that man should hve power over anything! and that nobodies “destiny” was supposed to be something famous! I believe in oneness and consciousness. I love to love others and help them and thats all that matters to me. I wanna be in nature and truly letting life live inside of me. my dream would be to live in a community near the beach in nice sunny weather, hunting, growing, living off the land and everyone live as one.

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8 Responses to “20 year old, looking for people like me”

  1. stadulevich

    Im looking to go off grid with some people and buy an island near the equator, let me know if interested

  2. Inthiscage

    Anyone/everyone get a hold me, looking for land now, want to build a hobbit hole, and live naturally. Been learning extensively on bushcraft, off grid, and homesteading. Tyler.mail_box@yahoo.com

  3. EarthshipDream

    I see this post is almost 2 years old, to the date, but if there are others out there in MI (or beyond) I’d love to know more about your plans, what you’ve learned and what has worked for you, or not worked. I’m SO tired of being a wage slave to corporate masters that it eats away at me.

    Who we are:
    My wife and I are in our late 20’s / early 30’s (w/2 kids), and we constantly dream of going otg, preferably in an earthship-like structure where we can fully or mostly sustain ourselves. My wife is very knowledgeable in horticulture, and we’re both a bit of a jack of all trades. For example, this year we’re dramatically expanding our backyard food production to fully master our preserving skills in preparation for a future otg…and to save money, of course. And though I’m currently a data analyst, I have experience in various types of building trades, with a father who is a home inspector. I’ve also studied all of the earthship books/concepts, and anything else I can get my hands on related to otg/sustainable housing.

    Our Situation:
    We’re currently tied to a mortgage in the Ypsilanti area, but since a mortgage modification we may actually be able to rent it out and start on our dream. Of course trying to navigate the transition to living otg seems to be quite complicated, if you don’t have a pile of cash. We’re hoping to save some money now that the mortgage is less, but it’s challenging when high costs always seem to come up.

    I’ve been trying to find a way to make the transition painless, and have yet to find a way. Now that the real estate markets are so depressed and I see foreclosed homes and land going for cheap I’m anxious to find something before prices start to stabilize (though I think we have a while). Of course that involves either having said pile of cash, or qualifying for a loan while having a mortgage on this house. I know I can rent it out as a way to reduce my income to debt ratio, but figuring out how to do that while still having a place to stay seems to be a sticking point. haha Especially with two little ones. So, maybe I have to wait until they’re a little bigger so that a transitional housing arrangement will be easier to deal with, I don’t know. That’s why I’m reaching out to you guys, now.

    We’re open to a landbuddy situation in order to control the cost of buying land, and though our ultimate dream is to build, due to costs I’m now considering retrofitting a southern facing home using the earthship principles.

    If you’ve navigated this transition or have information on how to do it, under these circumstances, PLEASE enlighten me!! Also, if you just want to share other related information, that’s great too.

    Oh, and if anyone can tell me what this underground Detroit movement is all about I’d love to know more. I’ve always thought they should doze those vacant homes and build earthship communities as a way to revitalize the city, draw attention to it, and give its residents a higher standard of living while using recycled materials to build them. Seems like common sense to me, but then again common sense isn’t always so common ; )

    Thanks for reading.

  4. the_way_we_move

    do a good search for “intentional communities” they have listings on their site for communities and how to join/visit/etc. There are quite a few even in MI

  5. casandra

    Is this current? What is this about Detroit underground? There is so much to learn and I have just scratched the surface.

  6. Forgett_TheMoon

    My boyfriend and I are from Muskegon and you took the words from my heart! Please contact me, I would love to see where you’re at, as we are just starting to search and plan for ourselves

  7. allloveisfree

    sounds amazing i am so down with starting an off-grid community or maybe a group project someone please contact me

  8. Luciano

    Noticed you were from Rochester w/similar interest in living off the grid~get @ me
    theres a whole underground movement in Detroit