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Well, this is the 100th post, woo hoo!

I just received some pix from my dil of her pregnant belly (that’s my grand daughter in there!) and my son, I am so proud of both of them!

Now for the funnies:

This is Baby Girl, used to belong to my son and dil, now she belongs to my Dad, she is half pomeranian and half chihuahua. She is sporting a fresh haircut, she took after the pom side and normally has fluffy/puffy long hair.

My son playing in a store, I don’t know, can you see a resemblance between him and Baby Girl???

My son wearing a wig, kinda cute, huh? Hope none of his Army buddies see this! :)

My Dad, I just don’t know where my son gets his sense of humor…


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4 Responses to “100th Post & Pix”

  1. Nan

    Wow, that’s definitely pregnant. When is the baby due, like yesterday?

  2. Wretha

    Thanks everyone! I promise, I will post updates about my grand-daughter.


  3. seth

    Boy they are gonna have a purty baby for sure! keep us posted.

  4. the texan

    Great pics!