[before_listing images= youtube=aPgMODWTeRo] hello. my name is Clifford.
my wife & I just came into owning 10 acres free & clear. we are located 9 miles south of pyote. we do our business in monahans texas. we have a base camp set up with food ,water, tents, cots, on private property.
The offer here is that we would like to find other off grid people who are interested in off grid living like earthships,solar hot water,sustainable farming,.

For those who are interested we offer that if you help us build the home and school where people can learn for free the ways of sustainable living then we will help you build a home on our land as well. we need people to help build community.

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59 Responses to “10 acres free & clear”

  1. Julie

    Hi Clifford,
    I am a professional and a Christian currently living close to San Antonio and am interested in living in an off grid community. I have various advanced skills. You may contact me at rkymtngrl@icloud.com. Please contact me about where you are on this project currently. Thank you

  2. Allen

    Hi my name is Allen and I’m a single Father of two children basically still babies a 1 year old gorgeous baby girl and a 3 year old handsome young man. Their mother abandoned us in Florida, so I brought them home with me to Pennsylvania and took her to court for custody and the Judge awarded me primary custody of my two babies. I had spinal surgery last year and with jobs not wanting to hire me it is very difficult to live in the city.. I am very handy, I have more than 13 years of construction experience. I can do alot of work General construction is my specialty. Please respond if you think you can use me in any way.
    Thank you and God Bless.

  3. Elaine

    I am interested in your off the grid idea. I am new to all of this in retirement coming with no extra cash. Tired of living pay to pay. Would like to see what you have there. Is this possible like on a vacation before I totally dive in. Not on email much so will check it when I can. Thank you looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. shmirnoff84

    Please email me if you are still offering this oppertunity i would great love to join in.. I have spent a lot of time studying the off grid life style and have been looking to go off grid for some time now please contact me at Shmirnoff84@gmail.com hope to hear from you soon..

  5. shawn thompson

    Hi Clifford, my name is Shawn at the moment I am living in Abilene, Texas. I am very interested in living off grid and am sick of struggling day to day even though I work full time, my only problem is I don’t want to live off grid alone so I been in search of a community where I can earn my keep.. I would love to talk to you more if possible my email is biguhbaer@gmail.com I hope I hear from you soon…

  6. rleefireman

    My wife and I are looking for a small community. We are hard workers. This will be new to us but we hope to make new friends

  7. jessie

    Hey really interest in this. I would like to know more email me at jessie.bogart@yahoo.com

  8. Melissa

    Hi, I am interested in learning and talking more if you could e-mail me at Magiseal@gmail.com, Melissa

  9. art

    Hi, my name is Art and im a disabled vet. Recently I’ve been looking into getting my own 10 acres and building me a sustainable honest. Been doing a lot of homework on this too. Im in san antonio and would like to go out there and help out to learn more and be better prepared for my own property. Give me a holler

  10. Mark


    I’m an ARMY Veteran, who had some pretty bad luck the past couple of years. I want to find myself again through helping others building their community in the hopes of finding my own. I have substantial amount of experience in desert, mountain, and jungle survival, also am familiar in construction and minor carpentry. I am also very proficient in computers, and a damn good cook as well. I’m young, 25 yrs and a smoker as well, looking to work hard for my room and board. Ready to leave whenever you guys are ready. Mark 830-776-6275

  11. Mark

    Hi Cliff,

    I’m an ARMY Veteren who has had a lot of hardship growing up. I’m looking to find a place where I can find myself again, through the work of building a community and helping others through whatever their reason may be for living off grid. I have a substantial amount of survival training and experience in dessert, mountain, and jungle survival. I have also worked construction, and am willing to work for my stake. Please respond if you are interested. Mark 830-776-6275

  12. Eric

    I’ve been looking for someone like you for
    years.. Finally Found you and just in time I think.. Im a single dad 38 years of age.. I have many skills that hopefully your in need of. If you would like to speak with me in person my #

  13. clifford

    We are still very interested in seeing this project come to reality. There have been some possible changes come up. we have just recently found my biological family and learned of land that is of a larger acreage. This land is closer to 2 and half hours from San Antonio.
    AS for the comment suggesting that people take the time to get to know our personality we would agree. This is a need to be served both ways. We would like for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you.
    living like this can be a challenge even for those of us who mean well. This is not intended to be a dictatorship but rather a responsible community. There are some basics in place for now (ie) Hard drugs,violence,theft, will not be tolerated. in general the idea for now is that there are 3 forms of rules one is private (do as you see fit in your own dwelling so long as nothing harmful leaves your dwelling,) semi public (private space that is open to the view of others. this would be subject to community choice as to what is acceptable.) and last but not least public space. this would be space that is both open to the view of others in the community, and subject to the shared use of every one in the community. this also would be subject to community vote as to what is acceptable or not.

  14. Ruthie

    Oh dear and our son is 6 n just a great handy man . It wld b awesome for other children his age to live there as well…

  15. Ruthie

    Hello my name is Ruthie myself ,my husband & our 2 kids are very interested in living off grid yet we don’t wanna be alone. This situation sounds great and we all have something to offer. Myself I am a licensed hairdresser over 6 yes now as well as a hard worker I have painted homes, grouted tile, done sanding, done remodeling of homes n landscaping. I’m a greatcook and most intelligent enough to teach grades k-5 on a basic level spiritual level and a loving family community level. My daughter is 16 and a dancer since birth . She also does yoga and meditating in which She loves it plans to teach it n wld love to do so in our community. My husband is very strong and can be a huge help in building this community. He has done much home remodeling stuff . Him n I have 19 yrs together although we may b young. Our kids are ours they understand what this life entails and want it to. I hope to hear back from you soon think u. Email me @ ruthietardo@hot mail.com

  16. Jessy

    I’m here to tell a very true story. I took an opportunity 3 years ago that was identical to Clifford’s: help build a sustainable home on some one else’s land with the promise of being part of a future community. I accepted the offer and promptly ended up in a dictatorship-like situation where the Fundamental Rule was “Do all labors as instructed or leave”. The situation was much worse than traditional employment
    – because, “Leaving” meant “homelessness in a foreign land”
    Yet, at the same time…
    My only “incentive” to stay was another man’s promise that I could stay longer if I worked harder.

  17. david42718

    We are a family of 5 and (Me-32, Wife-24, Daughters 8&7, and son 2 years old) and would jump at the chance to help you with your school and long term plans of off-grid living and teaching…
    If you are still considering candidates, please email me at davidhayes42718@gmail.com and we can maybe share numbers and talk over the phone about it…
    Thank you for your post

  18. lynn

    I would like more information, I am looking for a off grid community, one where we all become one, so to speak, I have lived on a farm, lived off grid for a while.

  19. Marty

    I am very interested in joining you to both live and teach this to other interested parties. I have skills to share and don’t mind helping by being a “step and fetch it”. I grew up on a farm that raised everything we ate fruits, veggies, cow, chickens etc. and what the animals ate. I have horse experience, sheep and goats. I spin, weave and knit, sew ( with or without a machine), dye, crochet etc. I have experience in greenhouse cropping, teaching, and much more. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  20. Big Mike

    Hi Clifford,

    If you are serious about being totally off the grid and creating a self-sustaining community, I want to help. I have a multitude of skills including but not limited to designing and building wood structures of all sorts. (sheds, barns, fences, school rooms, houses, cabins, community kitchens, community bath/shower, etc..) I enjoy teaching others how to do whatever I know and enjoy learning things I don’t know. I don’t do drugs (including alcohol) and I am a non-believer. So, if you are serious, let me know.

  21. Jimmy

    Been thinking about living off-grid for a couple of years now. I’m 25, have experience in plumbing. Was wondering if it would be possible to commit to a short term trial to so if the life-style is suited to me. If not, would be great to hear how your getting on! Jimmyknight500@hotmail.com

  22. Tammissia

    We are in texas and ready to go. It is me and my 2 kids, son 17 and daughter 15 and i am 38. would love to start that commutiy

  23. Albert

    I should add that I’ve a degree in Human Development and counseling. Not only would these skills be an asset in community building (the people part of building), I could also be utilized in future school scenarios as an assistant educator or counselor. Albert

  24. Albert

    Hi Clifford, I too am interested in your offer. My name is Albert. I’m a motivated, knowledgeable, and hardworking individual (however, it should be noted that I have a bad back for my age – need to remain mindful of what level of stress I put on it – take this into consideration when selecting). Please email me at your earliest convenience at wolfgangstrange@gmail.com (Albert)


    would you, could you contact me via the e m a i l

    i also have an interesting oppty and questions for you as well

    email me abslabs at y a h o o dot c o m



    Ronaldjbusch – RON

    please email back this old sidewinder, am looking for your skills DI & 13 years military BG

    email me abslabs at y a h o o dot c o m


  27. Ronaldjbusch

    Please e-mail me 48 very health,ready to help you finish your dreams, military 13years,infantry plus Drill lnstructor have no girlfriend family all on their own READY

  28. clifford.

    i am getting alot of reply from this add. This is good to see that so many people are getting there heads on right.
    problem is that a lot of the replies dont have a contact method. due to the high number of reply we will only make it a point to contact those who leave a solid email/ or a phone number. i have only my gmail phone to use.
    i dont know how to set it up to get incomming calls. beside that we are very happy and humble to be able to work with and possably live with such a promising community of people.


    Hello ..i represent 2 families of 4. So 8 people in total ..the youngest being 7 the oldest 40 ..with that much said.. We are all healthy aware and smart. Living off the grid has been a topic the my friend and i offten disscus. And to jus keep it simple …we are disscusted feed up and ashamed of what society has become ..with things only getting worse by the day it seems..we simply want to raise our children in an safe and healthy atmosphere. While teaching them the skills needed to survive comfortably off the grid in harmony with nature..so if u are still expanding your community we would love here from u so we can learn more from u ..please note

  30. laney

    i would love the chance to be apart of this communtiy ive been looking to do this was think about buying acheap acer or lot etg.and building asmall stater home but need more exp,pleases teach me 42 no kids well work for mine and im a good down to earth not afraid to get my hands drity and i small income reg.just really want to learn thank you lorrain w.

  31. Marsha Lewis

    I am a mother of two, and I homeschool them, ages 16 and 12. I have been doing this for seven years. Living in New York for most of my life has made me eager to exchange the fast pace for a quieter , more peaceful place. We moved to Cleveland Ohio but I’m still not content. I am ready to get off the grid. I create skin care products from all natural products, including essential oils, fruits and vegetables. I would love to be a part of this community!

  32. Raven and Chad

    My husband and I are very interested in off the grid living and would love to hear more about your offer. My husband used to work in construction and has learned a lot of trade skills in building and painting

  33. Peggy

    Hi, My name is Peggy and I would love to get involved in this. I have been wanting to go OTG for years now, but unfortunately finances have not aloud me to do so. I have experience in some construction, cooking, sewing, fishing, hunting and camping. Please email me at only1loulou@yahoo.com

  34. Tony & Donna

    Wife and I live full time in a motor home and want to change that to off grid life. We would be willing to sell the motor home to live in a community of like minded people who want to live off grid and are patriots.

    Contact trevoc2@gmail.com

  35. raelove81

    I was wondering if you are open to a family with children. I would love more information. What kind of money would be need for someone to come out there? raelove81@yahoo.com

  36. Keamba Manning

    I am interested in living off the grid. I just graduated with a bachelor’s in philosophy and would love to help build and organize a school. I have a fiancé and three dogs. My fiancé works in home improvement and would be of help in any building projects. I can be reached at keambamanning@yahoo.com

  37. Charles

    Hi Clifford, I have been wanting to do something like this for years but never have been able to due to the spouse wanting no part of it. I’ve recently divorced and now I have the ability to do so. I am looking for a place to go for exchange of labor. I’ve been in management for the last 27 years and frankly I’m so over it and the stress. I have some basic building and plumbing skills and would love to contribute to make your dreams to true. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.

  38. OTG Newbie

    Your off-the-grid community sounds interesting. Would love to have more info. Hit me back. otgnewbie@gmail.com

  39. Doug McHugh

    I am interested in helping on an EARTHSHIP build, Rammed-Earth-Bag construction, Shipping Container housing(Above and below ground)(Gas Welding and cutting torch experience for connecting containers), Tumbleweed-Style small houses for above ground quarters for building crew members(great Guest Houses after construction!). dmac22@hotmail.com, 512-704-6342…

  40. josh adkins

    i would request 1/2 acre to live on and the rest i would help develop in to a 100% natural and off the grid community

  41. josh adkins

    hello i could contribute a full on electric power source i currently working on gettting pattended to be able to afford this life style if you would provide 10 acres of land i would make it open source and show people how to build it the design in its simplest form is free standing non solar but can be easily integrated with solar and it consumes no fuel of any sort and produces no by productand can easily power a house and i have large scale hydro and aquaponics designs water production,storage and purification on hand i could also if need be offer the best ways to secure said propertiy(ies) please let me know i also have a 98% efficent home design as well

  42. Joey

    I am from Australia, and it is my dream to live entirely off the land, eventually without the need for money. Helping the planet grow to help us grow, rather then slowly destroying the planet. My email : joeyjbrad12@hotmail.com , please contact.

  43. Donna Walton

    Oh, I am so driven to off grid living nd building community of like minded. I am in Mi. PleAse keep me in your email list for info. I am recently widowed and have an 8 yells son. How soon might this move fwd and what kind of dollar investment should we have

  44. marigold_69

    saw your posting and interested to hear more

  45. edwin nelson

    I have 30 years exp in this type of living and my problem is that the main stream doesn t want this way of living as they don’t make money on me have had my home demolished leveled n stolen for scrap have all the designe n practical aplications of heating cooling building systems utilization of scrap or junk to build dwelling or machines to create power water heat for free clothes vehicles building materials my preferred goal is passive earthen based home fully self contained defendable sustainable and 100% free as too materials if we can id like too atleast trade info or discuss options to help each other out im a hill billy at heart trapped in a materialistic selfish world but I do know how to not only live but live happily with no slave chains of society on my legs im a ase diesel mec worked on oil drill rig since I was 17 can frame interior exterior finish carpenter concrete form finish draw n read blue prints weld operate as well as build from raw metal mill drill lathe am a licensed tattoo artist 30 + years I would love to share my experiences n skills with like minded people let me know what you think

  46. CammieSkye

    very interested in helping! my boyfriend and i are both very skilled and driven and would be a great help. please send me more info if possible

  47. Steve

    Interested in going off grid. Please send me more information. I have skills. Thanks.

  48. Alan

    You cant do it alone ..we all have an idea of whats to come we all agree that we have to get ready for what ever it is ..let hope that you are one of the few that make it past whats to come how are you gonna make ??? not by buying land some where you dont know any one .. the best place to be is where you know ppl have frend and family that can help you .. find a group of ppl that fit you and work with them make a plan .. communal living is the best chance you have to make it start work with a group of ppl you like and you fit in with… hers my email if you need some info and need a starting point.. Im Ex Army ,chef. and have lived of the grid have build earth homes and now how to live of the land…learn ho to make ethanol ..
    nikalatribe@gmail dot com

  49. Alan

    We share the same idea . the only way to make it is to join up and help, teach , protect and grow together. This is what I can bring to the table, Ex Army(combat Engr.) spend some time as a Chef .. have spend last few years teaching my self hot to build homes of the grid , to heat and cool with out electric power how to make ethanol .. etc if you like to chat with me or if you share this ideal plz get at me and see if we can work together.. my email is

  50. C bailie

    Currently living in ME Alligash Waterway Wilderness. Studied wild food since age 10. 51 yrs young and healthy. Spouse and I dislike cities and tourists. Can you recommend a good source for building a cabin? Book? Peace!

  51. Homer Rogers

    Yes looking for a off-the-grid community

  52. Homer Rogers

    Hi ,
    Real interested and would like to hear more

  53. Vinnie

    I am very interested and has been looking for
    a way to get started, also very handy please
    send more info

  54. Jackie

    My husband and I have been looking for this life style for a long time now, please email me back if you are still looking for like-minded people to live naturally with the earth. :)

  55. shene

    I just graduated from high school and I don’t want to live this life anymore I’ve been trained for 13 years of my life I don’t want to go to college and work just to simply survive or catch up with the higher class after 13 years of school I can say I don’t k ow much but I am a great listener

  56. Kevin sanders

    I’m an electrician tired of living on the grid , me and my wife would love to discuss the possibly of joining and helping you build this dream . We are very motivated an capable of doing our share , let’s talk. dirtysouthsanders@aol.com

  57. chris stanford

    Hi Clifford.
    Retired veteran here looking to get back to the simple life. simple yet rewarding.
    I have experience building homes and barns as well as with horses cattle chickens pigs Etc.
    I am a skilled hunter and fisher as well as very knowledgeable about edible plants and mushrooms Etc.
    I would love to come and help you with your community. Please message me more info please and maybe some pictures of the area you own.
    thank you!

  58. Mark

    Definitely interested and would like to hear more.

  59. Vitor

    Hi Clifford,

    For the past 2 months I have been heavily interested in living the off grid life style. I guess you could say I am tired of the rat race and wouldn’t mind living a simple and fulfilling life. I also saw this add on Craigslist when I was looking for supplies for my off grid experience, so I figured you must be serious. If you could email me at breaktobuild@gmail.com so we can talk more I would greatly appreciate it, I would just like more info on everything.