Beginning just over a year ago with the purchase of my 3 acre Farm land in the West Wimmera ,on the edge of a Native Vegetation Forest Reserve .My farm has a Wildlife Protection Overlay to protect the Red Tailed Black Cockatoos which nest in the Big Red Gums onsite .Have  a Caravan and a Shed which can accomodate folks ,eventually will be hosting a Farmhouse build in either Strawbale /Earthbag or Rammed Earth sometime in the next few years …plenty of camping opportunity onsite too .Personal Interests of owner ,GLBT movement ,Healing Modalities (Shiatsu ,Reiki,Chinese Medicine ) ,Buddhism and Shamanic Practices such as Inipi and Chanupa …welcome new connections

  • Michael Connolly

    Good luck with all your plans,I am very interested in joining a community such as yours,Looking forward to more info.Michael