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SW Colorado Off Grid 10 Acres for sale
by BCMURDOC@YAHOO.COM on APRIL 6, 2010 - 3 Comments in post

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I own two ten acre parcels side by side and it is beautiful, quiet and secluded country approximately 30 miles from Durango, Colorado. I am keeping one parcel and am willing to part with one of them. They both have views of the La Plata mountains, the most southern portion of the San Juans. It is primarily old pinon pine and juniper woodlands. It is forested with nice openings throughout. There is a spring for water hauling about 9 miles away that you can become a member of for 100 dollars a year, they give you a key. There is amazing potential for water catchment here and land catchment with swales etc. These parcels border 6000 acres of bureau of reclamation land. There are vast areas to explore not to mention a nice town not too far away. The La Plata mountains are approximately 15-20 miles to the north with many 12,000-13,000 foot peaks. I have had great success with gravity fed drip irrigation here. I included a few pics but have more if needed. One of the 10 acre parcels has a 10 x 10 shed included. I am letting one parcel go for 32K obo. email questions.

Starting NEW Off Grid Community
by TDOMF_12E09 on MARCH 26, 2010 - 23 Comments in post

Located about 50 miles NW of Houston, TX – 800 acres – many lots for sale. No power, no water and have a waiver from the county to allow for composting toilets

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