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Home Disaster Preparedness Guide – Part 2
by NICK ROSEN on MARCH 24, 2014 - 0 Comments in OFF-GRID 101, SELF-SUFFICIENCY

Thanks to Jessica Merritt for this fascinating guide In part 2 – surviving Earthquakes, Floods and Volcanoes.

Protect Your Home and Family from an Earthquake

More than three million earthquakes both small and large happen each year. On average, that’s an earthquake every 11 seconds. Though most are too weak to notice or take place in uninhabited areas, earthquakes in populated areas can be dangerous and destructive, causing property damage and injuries, even death.

It is impossible to predict when or where an earthquake will occur, so it’s best to be prepared ahead of time with adequate planning, supplies, and the knowledge you’ll need to protect your home and family. Taking small steps for earthquake home safety today can prevent injuries, death, and costly repairs later.

Preparing for an Earthquake

Know your risk: (more…)

Prepping for an Emergency – Home Disaster Guide
by NICK ROSEN on MARCH 23, 2014 - 0 Comments in OFF-GRID 101, SELF-SUFFICIENCY

Survive floods, earthquakes, hurrricanes and  violence with this handy guide

Disaster expert Jessica Merritt

Thanks to Jessica Merritt for this comprehensive guide to surviving natural disasters. This is Part 1 -part 2 tomorrow.

Natural disasters affect every area of America, and no home is immune to the threat of emergencies. These disasters can threaten your property, even your life. And there are simple steps you can take to protect your home and family in the event of an emergency. We’ll share expert tips for preparing your home to survive tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and floods. Being prepared for natural disasters and emergencies can protect your property — and it just might save your life. Be ready by following our guide to natural disaster preparedness.

Emergency Preparedness Basics

For any emergency, you’ll need the basics: a plan and an emergency kit. Be ready for natural disasters with these tips that apply for any emergency.

Home emergency plan: (more…)

Marjory Wildcraft



I just listened to a Coast to Coast am show featuring Marjory Wildcraft as a guest, I have heard her name before and probably watched a YouTube video or two about her, but after listening to her interview, I’m so much more impressed with her, if you aren’t familiar with her, I think you will be impressed too…  When I first heard about her, I thought she must be some kind of hippy tree hugger, not that there’s anything wrong with that :) it just wasn’t my cup of tea.  Turns out I was way wrong, well she may be a hippy tree hugger, but she is so much more than that! (more…)

When prepping just isn’t enough

cabin in the woods

There’s a sense of urgency in the prepping community lately that is at an all time high.  Between the global elite warmongers, the impending financial collapse as the government makes plans to attach pension funds, the new viruses, Monsanto’s GMO seeds running amok and threatening the world’s food supply, and  Big Food’s toxic food-like substances in the grocery stores with no regard for actual nutrition, it is clear that we are going downhill fast. The soothing ”everything-is-just-fine” propaganda is so blatant that even the most die-hard zombie is beginning to see that something is amiss and that a massive change is soon to take place.

Many of us have stocked our homes to the rafters with beans, rice, bullets, and band-aids.  Each trip to the store adds more to our stockpiles as we try to get what we need before time runs out.  Newbie preppers are feeling even more frantic, wondering how to prepare when each week it takes more money to put less in the grocery cart. (If you’re new to preparedness, here’s a little primer with some great links.) (more…)

Sensible shoes makes sense
by WRETHAOFFGRID on MAY 8, 2013 - 2 Comments in URBAN, WRETHA

hhShoes, ladies I know you think about them a lot, and some of you guys too, but how many of you wear shoes that would let you down in an emergency situation? Ladies I talking about running around in high heels, or little flip flop sandals…

Now I’m not saying you can’t wear these kinds of shoes, but perhaps you should seriously consider stashing a more suitable pair of shoes that could be quickly accessed in an emergency. (more…)

Gleaning information from the older generation


Look around you, how many grey and white heads are nearby? If you are lucky, you will have at least one, if you are very lucky you will have multiple to choose from. Why is it so fortunate to have older folk around? Simple, beneath all that gray and white hair is a plethora of knowledge and experience. This is a valuable resource, and one that is dwindling each and every day. Often the biggest feat is to find those who lived through the great depression and still have their mental faculties and are willing to sit down and talk about their lives, that’s the trifecta!

These folk grew up during a time when most things were done by hand, black and white TV was something for the wealthy, that’s if they had electricity. Lighting was often candles and kerosene lanterns. Some lived on farms and had to get up before dawn to take care of farm animals before eating breakfast and heading off to school. These folks grew up in circumstances that most of us can’t even imagine. (more…)

Stops Along the Way: Part 2

Five o’clock quickly arrived at my desk on my first night as a full-time RVer.  I left my office and walked into the dark parking lot knowing I would be home in less than 30 seconds.  No one from work knew it.  Since I land acting and print gigs on occasion, they believe my camper is to go on jobs out of town.  Half-truths go a long way.  I also made it a point for them to know that owning an RV has always been a dream of mine.  I considered letting my co-workers know of my new lifestyle, but I’ve grown less trusting with age.  My managers may feel less compelled to give me higher raises since I have fewer expenses.  My supervisor may look at me with scorn if I come in late on a snowy day. Co-workers may think I’m just plain kooky… and they would be right!  Yes, none of these things would be fair, but life isn’t fair and neither are people’s judgments and actions.  If the folks at work ever did find out (and some may already suspect), I guess it wouldn’t be a big deal.  However, why put myself out there if I don’t have to?

As I approached close to my camper, I visually took it all in.  “This is my home!”.  Realizing this felt odd, good… and a little scary.  I got in the van and drove to my RV friendly parking spot.  Like a dog, I instinctively circled the lot twice before parking.  There were two big rig trucks settled in for the night, so I parked next to them under a light post. (more…)

What do I do when I have no work?
by NORMALIFE on MARCH 27, 2012 - 1 Comment in SELF-SUFFICIENCY

Dave, Piper and kid -- just trying to stay alive

Welcome to the world of barter – modern-day traders must be flexible: knitting for tax preparation, yoga classes for massage, a digital camera for a truckload of horse manure.
Piper Lane and Paul Davis are making it in America – says a report in the Roanoke Times – but barely ….. like so many other self-employed folks who have been hammered by the recession.
Before the housing market plummeted in 2007, Davis, 47, had a humming plastering business with 14 employees. His Davis Plastering built the walls for about half the homes in Ashley Plantation, a Botetourt County subdivision in VA, he said.
Now it’s just him and a buddy doing smaller remodeling jobs or fixing water damage. Some weeks he has no work at all.
The couple picks and chooses from the bills they owe, resulting in an end to satellite television, credit problems and Davis’ decimated retirement account. Out of necessity, they’ve forged creative new lines of work, with Davis adding interior painting to his services – often hiring his partner, Lane, 40, to paint over his plaster repairs.
They own the trailer they live in but rent the lot where it sits, surrounded by a cornfield and other mobile homes. (more…)

British Preppers
by NICK ROSEN on DECEMBER 17, 2011 - 5 Comments in OFF-GRID 101, SELF-SUFFICIENCY

Hidden away in UK woodland, a new subculture

Until now the idea of preparing for the coming collapse in the UK was seen as faintly crazy, a bit like  believing the Mayan prophecy of doom in December 2012.

But sites like, and companies like Emergency Food Storage in Leeds  and B Prep in London are reporting sales increasing 10-fold in a year,  as Brits get ready for the collapse of the Euro and an almighty recession.

Ordinary families are storing cash, fuel, food and household products  in anticipation of a calamitous disruption to everyday life. (more…)

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