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Gridless Gizmos at CES
by TECHSTAR on JANUARY 11, 2013 - 0 Comments in MOBILE

On sale now

Solar chargers, speakers, weather radios, wireless accessories, medical devices, toys and other trinkets were on display at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 at the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas.

The annual CES fair is always a hit with gadget fans, and, increasingly, it contains a string of products for those living off grid.

There is rarely anything groundbreaking, just the slow game of catch-up between the ease and comfort of off-grid life compared to grid–connected homes

Star gadgets this year included a (more…)

Solar panels for sunless setting
by NICK ROSEN on AUGUST 12, 2012 - 0 Comments in SOLAR

A hunting lodge in Maine with two small solar panels, some old used car batteries,a quarter mile of wire and careful management. An old-timer explains how he does it in this video.

The old batteries are important – recycled from the owners car once he buys a new one. The Deep cycle batteries which we are told are the right product for this environment, in reality do not hold a charge over the winter when not in use. (more…)

Don’t believe the hype
by NICK ROSEN on DECEMBER 18, 2011 - 13 Comments in SOLAR
Solar newbies beware

Solar newbies beware

Don’t believe the awful ads which promise you “free power for $200″, or “build your own solar panel for $200″. Several of them appear on this site from time to time, despite that we are doing everything we can to stop them.  Many are from Chinese spammers, and a particular bunch of conmen called energy4free, or earth4energy or, amongst many other aliases. These slimebags ask you to pay for an e-book which directs you to some other sites and offers to sell you components for a solar panel that will never work. Of course it would be quite wrong and immoral to suggest you should click repeatedly on their ads whenever you see the Earth4energy logo. We do not recommend that. (more…)

Solar cheaper than grid within 3 years
by AMY SUAREZ on DECEMBER 8, 2011 - 1 Comment in SOLAR

David CraneThe head of one of America’s biggest Utility companies has forecast that it will soon be cheaper to harvest energy from your roof rather than from the grid.

David Crane, the CEO of NRG Energy, is not your typical power company executive, as becomes clear from his interview with a Yale University  student magazine, e360.

NRG is a Fortune 500 company producing electricity for up to 20 million U.S. households. Crane is still neck-deep in hydrocarbons, with more than 90 percent of NRG’s electricity production coming from natural gas, coal, and oil. Crane  believes the electricity market is about to be transformed by the widespread adoption of solar panels on residential and commercial roofs, and electric cars in garages, (more…)

Solar Panel Insurance
by SUPERJOE on FEBRUARY 6, 2011 - 1 Comment in OFF-GRID 101, SOLAR

Prepare for the worst

Buying solar panels is one thing – making sure they work efficiently and also hanging on to them is quite another matter. By definition, the panels have to be in an unobstructed area with relatively clear access for maintenance. That means theft is a serious risk, especially as the price of energy continues to rise. Theft of solar panels rose 17% in the US from 2008 to 2009 reports SolarInsure, a Costa Mesa, Calif. company.

With the number of households owning solar panels doubling every few years, companies are springing up to offer solar insurance. Naturally buying insurance is a risk in itself – the premiums are usually too high, and the insurer may not pay out even if you do suffer a problem not of your making. They also offer insurance against another big risk facing owners of solar panels – that the installer is not around to honor its guarantee in five years time or so, if the panel develops a fault. (more…)

solar panels- group buying
by TDOMF_12E09 on APRIL 5, 2010 - 1 Comment in I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE OFF-GRID

After 20 years without electricity, I have off-grid solar electric power system up and running for a year-and- a–half.

Want to add to my solar array, see great prices on PV panels in pallet lots. Need two more panels, approx 300W @ 24V. Would like to buy together with others not too far away(West Vrgfinia USA) to get better price.
Also have eight 1650 A-H 2v lead acid cells new dry-charged never filled but twelve years old to sell or trade, unless you have four more to sell me.

Happy to chat about solar power systems, off grid ultimate frugality, even politics an survival.

John “”

Vegetable factory in a box
by ISURU on JANUARY 16, 2010 - 10 Comments in FOOD
New veg-box scheme

New veg-box scheme

The world’s first portable, containerised vegetable garden is set to be delivered in April. The scientifically developed  “vegetable factory”, from Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp. is an insulated 40-ft shipping container, equipped with water-circulation system and LED lighting.

Reacting to a scandal caused by the importation of pesticide-tainted dumplings from China, Japan is seeing a number of designs emerge for small vegetable factories in which crops are grown artificially. Many are cultivated hydroponically in tiers of shelves under energy-saving LED  lighting.

Some are so small that they can be installed in a floor space equivalent to a “tatami” mat (2 metres square). (more…)

How I built a $100 solar panel (2)
by MIKE DAVIS on DECEMBER 10, 2009 - 19 Comments in OFF-GRID 101

....Mike builds telescopes too....

....Mike builds telescopes too....

Here’s the second half  of a feature by our fearless DIY renewables enthusiast Mike Davis, on how to build your own solar panel. Part One is lower down the page, and is a free service provided by Off-Grid 101 – the technical and informational part of this web site. Many sites attempt to charge hundreds of dollars for this kind of information:

Now that the structure of the solar panel is finished, it’s time to get the solar cells ready. Once separated from their brick form, they are amazingly fragile and difficult to handle and store. I would recommend leaving them as bricks until you are ready to install them in your solar panel. That way you won’t wreck them before you get to use them. So build the panel first. (more…)

China curbs solar boom
by TECHSTAR on OCTOBER 28, 2009 - 1 Comment in ENERGY

suntech ceo
Shi Zhengrong:the Sun-King
Visiting the high technology zone in China’s eastern city of Wuxi near Shanghai, guests are impressed by the massive 6,900-sq-m solar energy panel outside the new headquarters of Suntech Power.

Visitinthe high technology zone in China’s eastern city of Wuxi near Shanghai, guests are impressed by the massive 6,900-sq-m solar energy panel outside the new headquarters of Suntech Power.
The facility’s one-megawatt solar facade is the world’s largest grid-connected, building-integrated solar system, according to Suntech, the world’s largest solar module manufacturer.
Suntech has benefited from the Chinese government’s subsidies for solar photovoltaic rooftop installations and construction of solar energy plants – known as the “Golden Sun” program.
Suntech reported $321 million in revenues for the second quarter this year, up from $315.7 million in the first quarter, according to the company’s second-quarter statement.
Suntech, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, also helped Shi Zhengrong, its founder, chairman and CEO, to become one of the country’s wealthiest people.
His picture was on the cover of the US newsmagazine Time just six years after the photovoltaic and renewable energy expert graduated from the University of New South Wales and began his new career in the country of his birth.
The Suntech story has encouraged more companies to join the solar power energy field, including Sunvim, a Zhejiang-based textile maker known for one of the country’s popular towel brands.
The government has put in place two significant subsidies for solar photovoltaic installations.
Through the “Golden Sun” program, the National Energy Administration and ministries of Finance, Science and Technology are offering to subsidize half of the construction and connection costs of on-grid solar power plants and 70 percent of the cost of off-grid installations from now until 2011. The program’s goal is to produce 500 megawatts of solar power.
An earlier plan established subsidies for rooftop demonstration projects. In addition, many local governments have solar subsidy programs of their own.
Not surprisingly, these initiatives have spurred more companies to enter the solar sector.
According to domestic statistics, more than 50 solar companies from 20 provinces – including Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang – are constructing or expanding polysilicon production lines. The overall construction capacity has reached a potential 100,000 tons.
Zhejiang Yuhui Solar Energy Chairman Li Xianshou expressed his concerns about the oversupply situation.
“There was huge production capacity last year, but how much is qualified? Many enterprises will face the possibility of being push out,” Li said.
Still, the first half of 2008 was a profitable time for many polysilicon producers.
“During that time, the polysilicon supply fell short of demand, and sometimes buyers couldn’t get orders even if they delivered full payments first,” said a sales manager at a polysilicon company based in Zhejiang.
The sales manager said his company’s supplies would empty overnight during busy times.
In Zhejiang, the traditional textile manufacturing hub of Jiaxing, is turning itself into a polysilicon manufacturing hub.
“It requires 100 million yuan ($14.65 million) for a startup in the solar photovoltaic industry,” said Shen Fuxin, general secretary of the Zhejiang Solar Energy Industry Association.
“But many companies were still scrambling to come on board, as the industry’s average profit return could reach 20 percent or 30 percent,” Shen said.
However, the solar manufacturing industry has been hit hard since the end of last year due to a freeze in credit resulting from the global financial crisis, as well as an oversupply of solar panels that have sharply reduced prices.
The government’s new guidelines to curb the solar industry’s oversupply might push newcomers or small players out of the market, but apparently won’t affect the major players, sources said.
Yingli Energy Group, one of China’s leading solar cell manufacturers, is reporting increased sales this year.
“We saw shipments increase quickly since the middle of this year,” said a sales manager from Yingli who declined to be named.
He said the government’s crackdown on oversupply will negatively affect small companies, but added that large companies will continue to win market share because of brand reputation.Visiting the high technology zone in China’s eastern city of Wuxi near Shanghai, guests are impressed by the massive 6,900-sq-m solar energy panel outside the new headquarters of Suntech Power.

The facility’s one-megawatt solar facade is the world’s largest grid-connected, building-integrated solar system, according to Suntech, the world’s largest solar module manufacturer. (more…)

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