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“Clean Energy Conservatives” Meet in Austin


On Tuesday, President Barack Obama spoke at the Climate Summit in New York City. That evening, a group of conservatives met in Austin to discuss free-market approaches to clean energy. The panel included a mix of former Republican politicians and think-tank conservatives.

The panelists were defiantly not-in-favor of government subsidies for wind and solar, but did see the value of having a diversified approach to energy.

While he was a State Senator, Kip Averitt represented the GOP and District 22. He was born in Permian Basin town of Crane.

 “I used to say this on the campaign trail, but 30 years ago if you were concerned about the environment, you were a communist, and you could not get elected to public office. But I think times have changed today. If you’re not concerned about the environment, you’re a goober. And you cannot get elected to public office.”


Solar farm in western Texas
by WRETHAOFFGRID on MAY 21, 2014 - 0 Comments in ENERGY, SOLAR, WRETHA

Solar panels

A California company has won a contract to build a 150-megawatt solar plant in West Texas. It would be the largest single plant built in the state so far, second only to the 400 mw system of plants planned for San Antonio.

San Francisco-based Recurrent Energy isn’t saying where exactly it will build the plant. CEO Arno Harris says they’re keeping that information private for now to keep the project competitive as other companies look to the West Texas skies for profits.

Harris tells KRTS that rising natural gas prices and dropping costs are making it easier for the solar industry to move to Texas – utility companies are buying more solar, seeing it as an increasingly competitive energy source.

Recurrent Energy has secured a 20-year contract with Austin Energy to bring power to an estimated 15,000 homes in the capital city. The utility estimates 1 mw of solar power can power about 100 Texas homes during peak hours on summer days. (more…)

Oklahoma Senate passes solar panel surcharge


I think this falls under the “What are they thinking????” category. I am amazed, they SAY it’s not against the solar or wind power users, yet the power companies are wanting to charge an extra fee on those who generate enough power to sell it back to the power companies…

Right now, it’s apparently awaiting the governor’s signature, I would hope that the governor is smart enough NOT to sign this into law.

Oklahoma City, OK, April 22, 2014- Some Oklahoma residents who install solar panels or wind turbines on their property in the future are likely to get hit with a surcharge on their utility bill. Senate Bill 1456 passed 83-5 on Monday, and awaits a signature from Governor Mary Fallon. (more…)

Solar powered pyramid
by WRETHAOFFGRID on OCTOBER 27, 2013 - 2 Comments in OFF-GRID 101, SOLAR, WRETHA

Pyramid power

Ever see an off grid pyramid? Well you are about to. This is the video story of Greg Grant, who began his off grid existence slow and small.

He didn’t put a lot of money into his project. What he had was land, lots of natural materials, a great bunch of talented and helpful friends, and a unique vision. He chose to make his off grid home out of short straw-bale walls, but with a steeply pitched, pyramid shaped roof. (more…)

Solar Charge Controllers
by NICK ROSEN on AUGUST 8, 2012 - 6 Comments in OFF-GRID 101

If you have a simple off-grid setup with just one panel or even a few solar panels and several batteries, the other vital ingredient is a charge controller that regulates the power going from the panel to the battery and shuts off power input when the batteries are fully charged.

This makes the process of running your own power station almost maintenance free.

When you are starting up its best to buy a medium-priced controller so that you can add a few panels and batteries to the mix before having to upgrade. The HQRP 20A Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller / Regulator 12V / 24V 20 Amp 300W with PWM Type of Charging retails at under $50 on Amazon.

Don’t believe the hype
by NICK ROSEN on DECEMBER 18, 2011 - 13 Comments in SOLAR
Solar newbies beware

Solar newbies beware

Don’t believe the awful ads which promise you “free power for $200″, or “build your own solar panel for $200″. Several of them appear on this site from time to time, despite that we are doing everything we can to stop them.  Many are from Chinese spammers, and a particular bunch of conmen called energy4free, or earth4energy or, amongst many other aliases. These slimebags ask you to pay for an e-book which directs you to some other sites and offers to sell you components for a solar panel that will never work. Of course it would be quite wrong and immoral to suggest you should click repeatedly on their ads whenever you see the Earth4energy logo. We do not recommend that. (more…)

Solar cheaper than grid within 3 years
by AMY SUAREZ on DECEMBER 8, 2011 - 1 Comment in SOLAR

David CraneThe head of one of America’s biggest Utility companies has forecast that it will soon be cheaper to harvest energy from your roof rather than from the grid.

David Crane, the CEO of NRG Energy, is not your typical power company executive, as becomes clear from his interview with a Yale University  student magazine, e360.

NRG is a Fortune 500 company producing electricity for up to 20 million U.S. households. Crane is still neck-deep in hydrocarbons, with more than 90 percent of NRG’s electricity production coming from natural gas, coal, and oil. Crane  believes the electricity market is about to be transformed by the widespread adoption of solar panels on residential and commercial roofs, and electric cars in garages, (more…)

Grid can’t handle mass solar
by AMY SUAREZ on DECEMBER 3, 2011 - 1 Comment in SOLAR

Utilities can't handle universal solar

Further evidence in favor of Micro-grids and against the so-called Smart Grid.

The runaway take-up of rooftop solar panels in Australia has undermined the electricity supply system, feeding so much power back into the network that it is causing voltage rises that could damage household devices such as computers and televisions. This means we should either rewire every home and every street, to suit the convenience of the big Utility companies, or rethink the way the nation’s energy delivery is organised. What applies to Australia is true elsewhere in the world. (more…)

building solar panels and loving it ;’)
by FARIAN on JUNE 2, 2011 - 4 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

i’ve built 4 x 65 watt panels from scratch ;’).. i’m doing free energy experiments, but i also want to get a system sorted for people to get there low powered stuff / battery powered stuff off grid, i.e. not many people can get 100% off grid because of costs, so getting 50% of appliances 100% off grid is a bonus , isn’t it, LOL i’d thinking of land in Bulgaria.. its dirt cheap with run down houses etc… ideallly would love to be in a ‘freeman’ community…
reclaim land or something…. One Love ;’).

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