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building solar panels and loving it ;’)
by FARIAN on JUNE 2, 2011 - 4 Comments in post

i’ve built 4 x 65 watt panels from scratch ;’).. i’m doing free energy experiments, but i also want to get a system sorted for people to get there low powered stuff / battery powered stuff off grid, i.e. not many people can get 100% off grid because of costs, so getting 50% of appliances 100% off grid is a bonus , isn’t it, LOL i’d thinking of land in Bulgaria.. its dirt cheap with run down houses etc… ideallly would love to be in a ‘freeman’ community…
reclaim land or something…. One Love ;’).

Looking for a site in Norfolk UK
by TRANSITPHIL on MARCH 24, 2010 - 0 Comments in post

We’re heading back to UK for a few years and don’t want to do the mortgage/rent thing. So, we’re looking for a friendly landowner to accomodate a 30ft converted horsebox. Solar and wind-gen, just need somewhere discreet and quiet to park-up, a view would be a bonus! We’ll be working as teachers so anywhere there’re schools will do, family and friends in Norfolk, North Yorkshire, South Lincolnshire and Kendal so near any of those would be grand, regards, phil.

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